Work continues on Universal’s massive new Epic Universe project in advance of its projected 2025 opening. And though there is plenty of work still yet to go, some exciting new key developments are happening at the park’s construction site that you’ll definitely want to know about!
1. How to Train Your Dragon and Dark Universe lands may have character meet and greet areas according to new permits

Image: WKMGCharacter meet and greets are a huge part of the theme park experience, and Alicia Stella of Orlando Park Stop has uncovered some exciting new permits that seem to indicate some exciting new meet and greets could be on the way for Universal Epic Universe.
First up is a How to Train Your Dragon-themed meet and greet area that will be located near the land’s theater show. A trademark application was recently filed for “Haddock Paddock” which may indicate that this meet and greet could be formatted in a similar way to the Raptor Encounter Paddock at Jurassic Park, where guests can encounter Blue. However, instead of seeing a dinosaur, guests can meet their favorite dragons from this series. 
Over on the other side of the park, another meet and greet area for the Dark Kingdom Universal Monsters characters is rumored for this section of the land. According to Orlando Park Stop a recent trademark for “Monstertreffen” could be related to this meet and greet, where guests can pose and take pictures with a select group of monsters, which will likely include Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolf-Man and more. 
2. Starfall Racers gets landscaping work done as completion on the roller coaster track nears

Image: WKMGOne of the most exciting new rides coming to Universal Epic Universe is Starfall Racers, a dueling coaster that will be in the center of the park. And it looks like this ride is nearing completion. As shown in a video captured by WKMG producer Landon McReynolds, the back half of the ride can be seen as nearly complete, not only with the full track in place, but also backstage paths and green grass and landscaping work giving us a glimpse at how this part of the park will eventually look when it is ready to open! 
3. New hotel reflective tiles being installed for Universal Terra Luna Resort and Universal Stella Nova Resort

Image: WKMGWork is continuing on the three hotels being constructed for Universal Epic Universe, and exterior work is really ramping up on Project 913 and 912, which are adjacent from one another and are expected to be named “Universal Terra Luna Resort” and “Universal Stella Nova Resort.” These large hotels will contain 750 rooms each, and will have a colorful exterior filled with reflective tiles carefully assembled in a mosaic, as you can see above. These reflective tiles will definitely help these hotels stand out, and give them an iconic look that will almost certainly enchant guests as they drive by. 
These two hotels will join the “Universal Helios Grand Hotel,” which will have ten floors and 500 rooms when it opens alongside the theme park in 2025. 
We will continue to keep you updated on all the latest developments on Universal Epic Universe as construction continues to progress rapidly over the coming months.

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