It is important for guests visiting Universal Orlando Resort to know which rides and attractions are closed for refurbishment or for another reason to avoid disappointment. It can be difficult to keep up to date with the changing schedules so we are collating the current list of refurbishments planned for Universal Orlando Resort during July and beyond. 
This month we see Pteranodon Flyers continuing its downtime following its unexpected closure in mid-April and we prepare for the extended closure of Fast and Furious – Supercharged beginning in August.
We are including dates where possible for refurbishments and closures but these are subject to change. We will keep you informed of any changes on our news and Facebook page. 
1. Pteranodon Flyers (Universal Islands of Adventure)
Image: Universal
Status: Confirmed
Dates: Present – TBC
Pteranodon Flyers at Universal Islands of Adventure has been unavailable since mid-April when it experienced an issue which forced it to close unexpectantly.

It appears that Universal are now waiting for a part for this attraction and so far there doesn’t seem to be an estimated time frame for when we will likely see Pteranodon Flyers reopening. We will keep you posted on this.
2. Fast and Furious – Supercharged (Universal Studios Florida)
Image: Universal Studios
Status: Confirmed
Dates: 19 August – 3 November
It has now appeared on the Universal Orlando Resort calendar that Fast and Furious – Supercharged at Universal Studios Florida is set for a lengthy closure from August 19 – 3 November. This is thought to be in order for the queue line area to be used for a house at Halloween Horror Nights 33.

3. MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack (Universal Studios Florida)
Image: Universal
Status: Confirmed
Dates: 4 November – 10 December
It has now appeared on the Universal Orlando Resort refurbishment calendar that MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack will be closed beginning November 4 through December 10. 

4. Nighttime Lights At Hogwarts Castle (Universal’s Islands of Adventure)
Image: Touring Plans
Status: Confirmed
Dates: Now – TBC
The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle are still currently listed as “temporarily closed” on the official Universal Orlando website

Usually, on selected nights, against the backdrop of Hogwarts, projections celebrate the four houses through lights and music. We are currently unsure when this nighttime offering will return but will update you when further details are announced. We will update you when this becomes available again.
5. Dark Arts At Hogwarts Castle (Universal’s Islands of Adventure)
Image: Universal
Status: Confirmed
Dates: TBC
It still states on the official Universal Orlando website that the Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle is “temporarily closed”. It specifies that this offering should take place on “Select nights in Autumn” so we hope to see this popular entertainment returning to Universal’s Islands of Adventure later this year.

Located in Hogsmeade in Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle combines lights and music in an exciting spectacle where images of Death Eaters and Dementors alongside Lord Voldemort cloak the stone walls of Hogwarts Castle as darkness falls. We will update you with further information when it is announced.
6. Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls (Universal’s Islands of Adventure
Image: Universal
Status: Confirmed
Dates: 1 October 2024 – 2 January 2025
It has just appeared on the Universal Orlando refurbishment calendar that Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls at Universal’s Islands of Adventure will be closed for a lengthy period beginning October 1, 2024 through January 2, 2025.

Every cliché in the book comes out to play on Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls when Snidley Whiplash again tethers the poor Nell on the railroad tracks. But this innovative log flume (part roller coaster) has a few surprises up its sleeves as you float along with the famous Mountie.  Watch out for the 75 foot drop at the end of the ride  – and prepare to get wet.
We will keep you up to date with any changes to this refurbishment schedule on our news and Facebook page and we will post our next Universal refurbishment article at the beginning of August 2024!

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