August 17, 2023, 12:25 AM ·

So who put money down on Disneyland getting hit by a tropical storm before Walt Disney World this year?

For this first time that I can remember, the Los Angeles metro area lies within the forecast cone for a tropical storm. The current Tropical Storm Hilary is expected to become a major hurricane by the weekend, with the storm weakening back to tropical storm strength when it arrives in LA on Monday.Here is that forecast cone, from the National Hurricane Center.So, if the forecast holds, that means a tropical storm, or at least a post-tropical storm, will be rolling over Disneyland in Anaheim sometime Monday. Now while that would be a nothing-burger for the tropical weather veterans in Florida, it’s going to be something new for those of us in California, where we got plenty of rain earlier this year, but not with 35+ mph winds.

So as an former Floridian, here’s my advice – if you think California drivers are bad in a regular rain, you do not want to be on the road for any part of what Hilary is going to deliver. Bring all the plants and furniture in from your porch and park your car in the garage. Charge your phone all the way up on Sunday, and don’t bother with a Costco run to load up the freezer this weekend, since its power might be out on Monday.Expect most of the parks to be closed on Monday, and maybe Sunday, due to the rain, though maybe Disneyland will give it a go, depending upon the forecast. And let’s hope that Universal Studios Hollywood has everything for Halloween Horror Nights nailed down by the weekend, too.Let’s see how this goes.* * *
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