This is my idiot’s guide to taking kids to Walt Disney World. We’ll cover all ages (toddlers, preschool, teenagers), when to book, what gear to bring, touring tips, dealing with queues, characters, scary attractions, rider switch, where to stay, food, merchandise, and baby care centers.

Would love to hear from your on experiences in the comments (I’ll be taking notes) πŸ™‚



Third Party Stroller Stroller Rentals (recommended):

Child restraint regulations (Florida):

Magic Kingdom Restaurant Ranking:

Epcot Restaurant Ranking:

Animal Kingdom Restaurants

Mobile Ordering Guide:

Guide to best attractions for Toddlers:

Guide to best attractions for grade school kids:

Restaurant reservations guide


Packing list:

⁃ Travel sickness medication
⁃ Kids antihistamine and syringes
⁃ Calpol
⁃ Hooded towels
⁃ Fanny packs/Bum bags
⁃ Caps
⁃ Sunglasses
⁃ Presents to keep busy on plane and in airport queues
⁃ Snacks for plane
⁃ Water for plane
⁃ stainless steal water bottles
⁃ Lanyards for park tickets
⁃ Swim trunks
⁃ Swim tops to protect from sun
⁃ Roller sun cream for face
⁃ Spray sun cream for body
⁃ Sun cream lip balm
⁃ After sun
⁃ Mini toothpaste
⁃ Travel toothbrushes
⁃ Comb
⁃ Plasters/band aids
⁃ Blister plasters
⁃ Shorts
⁃ T-shirts
⁃ Kids Crocs for water parks
⁃ Socks
⁃ Underwear
⁃ Trainers/Sneakers
⁃ Presents from home for queues
⁃ Kids themed outfits
⁃ Headphones
⁃ Ipad/tablet
⁃ Chargers
⁃ Back up chargers
⁃ Nintendo Switch
⁃ Pijamas
⁃ Rain Ponchos
⁃ Kids Back packs
⁃ Nail clippers
⁃ Goggles
⁃ Night light
⁃ Hoodie for plane
⁃ Passports
⁃ Park tickets
⁃ Travel insurance
⁃ Money
⁃ Vitamins


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