UPDATE January 10 – Considering the fact that September 2022 when it was verified that this famous coaster would certainly be reimagined, all eyes have been on Cedar Position and the development development of the iconic Top rated Thrill Dragster. Yesterday, Cedar Point declared via a uncomplicated online video posted to their official twitter site that the reimagined Prime Thrill Dragster will return in 2024.

As you can see from the video which is embedded beneath, the only text which seem are “A NEW Formulation FOR THRILLS” “COMING 2024”. This could be viewed as a reference to Formulation A person racing (and, possibly accidentally, to the world’s fastest roller coaster, Intamin’s Method Rossa in Abu Dhabi).

— Cedar Place (@cedarpoint) January 9, 2023
Major Thrill Dragster followers have been speculating the options over the the very last number of months of what this reimagining will contain and though absolutely nothing is still formally verified, what we do know for specific is that the hydraulic launch will be replaced by a LSM launch monitor. There have been latest rumors that Cedar Place could enhance the theming of both of those the rollercoaster alone and the encompassing region. This is where the System A single part could most likely appear in.

To read through the whole tale about Best Thrill Dragster from start out to finish, check out out our not too long ago up-to-date highlighted article, TOP THRILL DRAGSTER: The Large Octane Story of Cedar Point’s Coaster Wars Icon… And Its Publish-Pitstop Second Existence. 

Top Thrill Dragster is one of Cedar Point’s greatest and most preferred rides so we at first assumed that Cedar Place would be keen to get the reimagining completed as before long as feasible and the trip open up again in 2023. On the other hand, despite the fact that perform seems to be progressing very well we now know for specific that Prime Thrill Dragster will stay shut for the entire of the 2023 year and will be completely ready to thrill visitors when yet again at some stage in 2024. 

A variety of photographs have been leaked on the internet right before Christmas of the current Major Thrill Dragster website. They can be found in the video embedded down below alongside with a commentary from America’s Coaster Community with their ideas on further modifications.

In summary this is what we know, operate is obviously likely on at the station. The primary metallic fences have gone from the queue line so it remarkably very likely they are going the queue which has been assumed from the start out. There is a unconfirmed rumor that the constructing in which you would get Major Thrill Dragster photographs from is to be torn down and will be element of the changed extensive and slender queue line. 

We all know that the launch will be the biggest adjust and it is crystal clear from the shots that all keep track of joined to the launch and brake system has been taken out in planning for new LSM start keep track of. Brake run supports remain although the relaxation have been eradicated and the monitor for the legendary Major hat observe also stays. 

It is believed that the previous monitor will be re-utilised with new LSM launches currently being put on and retro equipped. There is a powerful probability that Zamperla and involved in the reimagining as they are currently retrofitting yet another Intamin accelerator coaster with LSM monitor. It would be fantastic to see Top Thrill Dragster fitted with new lightning trains which were unveiled at IAPPA in November 2022. Intamin, however, could however be the kinds to transform Prime Thrill Dragster but they have now taken off the journey from their website which could give clue that they are distancing themselves from the attraction.
Picture: Cedar FairIt will not appear that there are strategies for an prolonged format which was at first speculated. Could we also see a additional highly themed spot encompassing Top rated Thrill Dragster? We will maintain you updated on the progress with Prime Thrill Dragster on our information and Facebook web site. Are you thrilled to trip the reimagined Leading Thrill Dragster at Cedar Position. Enable us know your ideas by leaving us a remark underneath or on our Fb webpage.

October 18 – We are closely subsequent the development of the eagerly awaited Best Thrill Dragster reimagining which was very first introduced again in September. Updates About Cedar Point’s Prime Thrill Dragster has a short while ago posted a tweet displaying that the station has been fairly substantially totally emptied.

#TopThrillDragtser‘s station has been just about entirely emptied at #cedarpoint.: @Freeziebuddy #rollercoasters #themeparks #amusementparks pic.twitter.com/OkgbokSDtJ
— Updates About Cedar Point’s Major Thrill Dragster (@ttdupdatescp) October 15, 2022
We can also see from an aerial image  (October 7) that a lot of track has been eliminated so considerably and do the job appears to be progressing at a good speed. So much, we have not experienced affirmation of what specifically this reimagining will appear like when it is concluded but there has been a ton of speculation on the internet from Major Thrill Dragster lovers and coaster lovers (see underneath). The massive crane which was previously on web site has now been reported to have long gone.

I’m not indicating that you ought to look down on #TopThrillDragster, but I AM indicating that you need to enjoy one more aerial shot.#cedarpoint #rollercoaster pic.twitter.com/NlPcnrwSCV
— Updates About Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster (@ttdupdatescp) Oct 7, 2022
Oct 3 – In an update posted right now by Screamscape which features a selection of images, we can see work continues at an extraordinary level on the reimagining of Leading Thrill Dragster At Cedar Point. 

A big crane is on internet site and additional launch track has now been taken off. The pics also demonstrate that the returning/ brake observe operate is also being removed from the station to just previous the “End” line. The transfer tracks that sat in between the start observe and the inner queue have also been taken off.

It is terrific to see that Cedar Issue is throwing away no time at all in pushing ahead with this much needed reimagining of Best Thrill Dragster. We will carry on to update you on the progress as it transpires on our information and Fb web site.

September 30 – For anybody who is fascinated in the present-day progress of the reimagining of Top rated Thrill Dragster at Cedar Issue, you may be interested to see this online video which has been posted to YouTube by Amusement Park Portal demonstrating a see above the major of the building fencing.

The video clip displays the removal of sections of the keep track of all around the loading station.  We are extremely energized to see what Cedar Point has in shop for the famous Prime Thrill Dragster in this substantial reimagining. 

Examine out the rumors that are at this time swirling underneath of what we may perhaps see in the reimagining and we will preserve you posted with additional updates when they are discovered on our information and Facebook web site. With 87% of people who voted in our latest poll stating they want to see Major Thrill Dragster reopening we are guessing many of our visitors will be adhering to the progress of this intently.

September 26 – We heard at the starting of September that the legendary Top Thrill Dragster “as we know it” at Cedar Point is to be retired and reimagined. Effectively this led to theme park admirers speculating as to what Cedar Position has acquired planned. We posted an post, Major Thrill Dragster To Be Reimagined, Rumors Fly Of What This Could Glance Like!, which outlined a variety of possible concepts which provided:

Working with a new LSM Launch procedure to make Prime Thrill Dragster go speedier than Kinda Ka’s present file of to 128mph in 3.5 seconds. Concentrate on of 130-135mph could perhaps be feasible.
Raising the peak by either having the top area off and re-engineering it or lowering the base ends of the keep track of at the base of the tower into a underneath-quality trench. If this was possible and the height could be elevated previously mentioned 418ft then Major Thrill Dragster would acquire back the history from Kingda Ka of being the tallest stratocoaster in North The usa.
Introducing air time hill just after fall
Including a roll-about inversion designed into the hill
Adding a Multi-launch system which could then include things like a roll-again. 
Screamscape has posted on their Fb web site a quantity of shots which have been despatched in from a reader who experienced captured photographs of elements of the observe currently being removed. It appears to be as if the start cable and retractable brake-fins on the start track are remaining taken out which isn’t really likely to be a surprise to most now we know that the coaster is getting reimagined, likely with a magnetic launch system. 

The put up goes on to say that track is also remaining eradicated from the load/unload station which does advise that major function is staying accomplished which could suggest the Top rated Thrill Dragster is obtaining a “swap-monitor and devoted multi-start track section,”
Picture: Cedar FairWe will hold you up to date as get the job done proceeds on the reimagining of Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Position. Enable us know what you would like to see from the reimagined Prime Thrill Dragster by leaving us a comment below or on our Fb site.

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