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Disneyland’s Magic Key annual pass sale came and went yesterday, with the top three tiers of Magic Keys selling out just before 6pm on Wednesday.

The sale began at 9am yesterday morning and saw some fans waiting up to eight hours for the opportunity to buy a Magic Key, which is Disneyland’s post-lockdown branding for its annual pass program. Since Disneyland passes continue to require advance reservations to use, the resort limits sales of Magic Key passes to a few times a year, in an effort to minimize disappointment among Magic Key holders when they go to make park reservations.But that just means the disappointment shifts to Disneyland fans who are not able to buy the passes. Such as… me, who waited four hours in the online queue yesterday, only to have my sale caught in an apparent server error.
Yelling ‘Andy’s coming’ did not get Woody to go away this time.But the time I gave up on the page and tried to reenter the queue (from the very back, of course), the pass levels that I wanted had sold out. Based on social media posts, I was far from alone in not being allowed to complete my purchase after waiting through the queue.The alternative for cheaper Disneyland ticketsFortunately, there are alternatives for Disneyland fans who want to go to the parks without having to pay Disney’s daily admission prices. Kids ages 9 and under can get into Disneyland and Disney California Adventure for as low as $50 a day with a Kids Special Offer now available, through March 10. And Southern California residents can buy three-day tickets to the park starting at $212 – that’s just about $70 a day. These deals, as well as other ticket packages, are available now through our partner’s Disneyland tickets page. A small portion of each ticket goes to support Theme Park Insider, and this is the service I have been using to buy discounted Disneyland tickets during my run of abysmal luck in failing to buy a Magic Key. Again, here is the link for Disneyland ticket discounts.Disney’s current Southern California resident ticket deal runs through May 30, but Disneyland has been offering similar deals at other times of the year, as well. And our ticket partner has them, usually for even less than you can get these tickets on Disneyland’s own website. You can get notified of those and other available theme park admission discounts by signing up for Theme Park Insider’s free weekly newsletter.And if you want to see what’s available for other parks around the world, please visit our Theme Park visitors guides.

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