Though the service at Walt Disney World’s table service restaurants is truly unparalleled, plenty of guests also rave about the resort’s diverse quick-service eateries, which often feature unique menu items, fun theming, and plenty of space for families to relax while they’re grabbing a fast bite to eat.

However, it looks like there has been a major change to quick-service dining made without warning that will impact your next visit to one of these restaurants. And unfortunately, it will probably make your next dining experience at least a little bit more inconvenient, especially if you have young children or take your beverages on the go. 

Paper straws and plastic lids are only now available at quick service restaurants on request, and have been completely removed from guest areas

Image: DisneyWalt Disney World has changed its disposable, single-use dining policy once again at its quick-service restaurants, making paper straws and plastic lids only available for guests who specifically request them. These items have been completely removed from self-service beverage areas and now must be asked for when ordering. If a guest forgets to ask for these items, they will have to go back through the line to ask for them, as they are not available anywhere in the dining room. 

Signs have appeared at select locations thanking guests for “skipping” straws and lids and reiterating that these single-use items are still available upon request. 

Is this change a cost-cutting measure? Or is it a part of Walt Disney World’s long-range green initiative?

Image: DisneyOn the surface, this policy change looks like a clear instance of cost-saving, with Disney continuing to cut corners to bring their everyday operating expenses down. However, it could be argued that this change is actually in service of the resort’s multi-year, green initiative. After all, Disney eliminated single-use plastic straws and stirrers at all owned and operated locations back in 2019, and announced that the resort is currently working on a plan to have zero landfill waste by 2030.

According to Disney’s website, this policy has resulted in the elimination of over 200 million plastic straws and stirrers, the complete removal of polystyrene cups, and reduced plastics in over 15,000 guest rooms. Disney has also been working to reduce the number of disposable shopping bags used by guests around the resort by selling reusable bags at all Disney-owned and operated merchandise stores. Guests can learn more about Disney’s environmental goals and initiatives at their official website here

Though the reasons for this policy aren’t exactly clear, it looks like guests who need straws or lids for their cups will need to get used to this change, especially since it has already taken effect at most dining locations throughout the resort. Of course, if you don’t want to worry about spilling a full drink from a cup, plastic bottled sodas and water continue to be available all around the resort. This change also does not affect table service diners either, as their straw and lid policy remains the same. 

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