March 12, 2024, 4:52 PM ·

We are just about three months away now from the opening of Disney’s new private port of call in The Bahamas.

Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point on the island of Eleuthera will open to Disney Cruise Line guests in June. The new port of call joins Disney’s Castaway Cay as exclusive DCL destinations. While Imagineers designed Castaway Cay as an idyllic day on a tropical beach, for Lookout Cay, Imagineers have worked with local artists to provide Disney’s cruise guests with a sampling of Bahamian culture during their time on shore.To that end, Disney today released a video of the Junior Junkanoo on Eleuthera, a student celebration of The Bahamas’ cultural identity. Disney has been supporting Junior Junkanoo on Eleuthera during its development on Lighthouse Point.Back at Lighthouse Point, Disney also is sharing photos of new construction at Lookout Cay, including the soon-to-be-decorated tram stop where Disney Cruise Line guest will begin their Lookout Cay experience. Disney also shared a photo of the seashell-inspired canopies that will provide shade for guests as they lunch at Lookout Cay’s True-True Too BBQ.Finally, work continues on the upcharge Mabrika Cove Cabanas, designed by Bahamian artists, that will be available to Disney Cruise Line guests.For more about this new port of call, please check out Disney looks to celebrate Bahamian culture in new port of call.To keep up to date with more themed entertainment news, please sign up for Theme Park Insider’s weekly newsletter. And to help support Theme Park Insider while saving money on discounted attraction tickets, please follow the ticket icon links our Theme Park visitors guides.

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