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The area around Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion will be getting some changes as the park prepares for the arrival of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure next door in 2024.

Disneyland today announced three changes that it will be making to the area around the iconic dark ride, including the addition of a new gift shop near the Haunted Mansion’s exit. Themed to Madame Leota, the new retail location will occupy the space formerly used for Splash Mountain’s Fastpass distribution and extended queue entrance.
Madame Leota gift shop. Concept art courtesy DisneylandSplash Mountain is becoming Tiana’s Bayou Adventure next year, and Disneyland has rethemed the old French Market to Tiana’s Palace, which opened officially September 7. The plaza between the Haunted Mansion of what soon will be Tiana’s Palace is often clogged with an extended queue for Mansion, so Disneyland will try to clear that overflow by expanding the Mansion’s regular queue area.
Expanded Haunted Mansion queueThese “new gardens” will include a water fountain, gazebo, themed statuary, additional landscaping, and a new greenhouse in the space formerly used by the Mansion’s Fastpass distribution. Disneyland said that the pet cemetery and horse-drawn funeral hearse will remain in the queue, as well.

In addition, inside the Mansion, Disneyland will be adding a new elevator exit from the Haunted Mansion for guests with disabilities. With a larger queue that can accommodate more guests, that should allow Disneyland to plus the plaza in front of Tiana’s Palace.Disneyland is promising a “new, elegant park-like setting” with new trees joining the existing ones in the Magnolia Park plaza. Construction begins in January. For ticket deals, as well as our reader rankings and advice on visiting Disneyland and other top theme parks around the world, please visit our our Theme Park visitors guides.And for more theme park news, please follow us on social media and sign up for Theme Park Insider’s weekly newsletter.

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