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Tokyo DisneySea’s new Fantasy Springs land offers attractions based on three Disney franchises: Frozen, Peter Pan, and Tangled. We have seen Disney build rides based on Frozen at Walt Disney World and Hong Kong Disneyland, and Peter Pan has been a Disney castle park staple since the beginning. But Tokyo is the first place where Disney fans will be able to ride into Rapunzel’s “Tangled” world.

And for that ride, Disney’s Imagineers have selected a ride system that I would love to see more often in theme parks. Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival is an all-ages outdoor/indoor boat ride, with its entrance set – like the other attractions in Fantasy Springs – among the land’s impressive rock work.
All photos courtesy Oriental Land Co.The queue provides plenty of detail to explore as you snake your way toward the load platform.Once aboard, the ride focuses on the Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, introducing both characters in its outdoor portion. As appropriate for this early moment in their story, Rapunzel remains far above, in her tower. But this Animatronic representation allows Rapunzel to remain an engaging character even at distance.Enjoy these POV highlights from Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival.The iconic moment here is the recreation of the iconic image from the film, Rapunzel and Flynn surrounded by lanterns at the festival. But I wanted to show you this photo from Tokyo Disney that provides a compelling perspective on just how close fans get to the couple in their boats during this scene. And do keep a lookout for Pascal the chameleon, who provides a unique through-line of sometimes snarky comedy for the ride.Fantasy Springs opens officially at Tokyo DisneySea on June 6. For more coverage of the land’s new attractions please see:For discounts on admission to the parks, please see our partner’s Tokyo Disney theme park tickets page.To keep up to date with more theme park news, please sign up for Theme Park Insider’s weekly newsletter.

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