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I’m borrowing this one from a recent Discussion Forum post, I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream.

From James.Trexen, “I was just looking through the expected decibel levels that are being proposed for the Disneyland Forward project and it reminded me of the test scream speakers Universal used for the new Fast and Furious coaster. And that got me to realize that I am not a screamer on rides. Even on a B&M hyper or walking through a haunted house, I stay silent the whole time.So show of hands. Are you someone who shows off their vocal pipes, or do you keep it to yourself?”That’s a great question that I do not believe that I have put up for a vote before, so let’s do it now. The OP is referring to a couple of recent news items, in case you missed those:While I always appreciate the views, you don’t need to have read those posts to jump into this debate. Ultimately, I try to take a “you do you” attitude toward fellow park-goers, but I do appreciate when I have a rider next to me who isn’t screaming in my ear before the ride gets loud enough that I don’t notice it.

And please don’t get me started on the swearers. Screaming is one thing, but does anyone really need to swear up a storm, on a roller coaster? That said, if the swearing is directed at a friend or loved one who talked the swearer into going on the ride, that’s often high comedy. So maybe that gets a pass.Anyway, I would love to hear what you do, and think, either below or in the original discussion thread.
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