There has been an ongoing saga as to whether or not the traditional E.T. Experience at Common Studios Florida need to continue being or be replaced but right now we are not chatting about that, we are taking about a thing as easy as the smell of it.
In the final several days there have been a number of stories online including a tweet from Storybook Amusement which is embedded beneath, expressing that the smell of E.T. Experience has changed. The principal alter is rumored to be the scent in the forest which seems to have changed from the “signature musty odor to a a lot much better, almost like cologne-sort sensation.” It has been described as remaining equivalent to a scent you would come across in a candle store.

I’m crushed to ensure the rumors are true. The vintage E.T. Adventure forest scent has been entirely updated!There is also a new scent on the journey alone way too.(mini )
— Storybook Amusement (@StorybookAmuse) Oct 22, 2022
There are also reports of the odor of the 1st Eco-friendly Planet scene now staying much more smokey like a barbecue. It is suspected that the business made use of to supply the scents for E.T. Experience has long gone out of business enterprise but searching at a reply from Common Orlando Resort they say the scents have not improved so it is all a small baffling.
There is now speculation on-line that we could see even more alterations to the smell of E.T. Experience at Universal Studios Florida in the near potential.
Image: UniversalAll we currently know is that points you should not surface to be pretty suitable at E.T. Experience. If you are intrigued in our thoughts on why we imagine E.T. Adventure isn’t going to need changing then check out out our highlighted write-up, 5 Explanations Why Universal’s E.T. Adventure Does not Will need To Be Replaced. We also took a deep dive into the partnership between Common and Steven Speilberg in our write-up, Universal Vs Spielberg: Debunking The Rumored E.T Adventure Clause of Steven Spielberg’s Artistic Specialist Deal.
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