There has been a new rumor floated online that the recently announced El Rio Lento Log Flume at Six Flags Over Texas which was due to open in 2024, has been quietly canceled. 
According to Screamscape, a reliable source has told them that “Six Flags CEO, Selim Bassoul, is rumored to have quietly canceled the El Rio Lento attraction project for 2024, which would have seen the two El Aserradero log flumes combined into one super-sized log flume ride. Selim is rumored to have canceled the project before it even began due to high costs.”

On August 30, Business Wire posted an article listing the new rides coming to Six Flags parks in 2024 and El Rio Lento for Six Flags Over Texas was one of the highlights. In this announcement it was described as, “The world’s first log flume now becomes one of the world’s longest log flumes in 2024. The new El Rio Lento will feature one new lift hill and two big drops including a giant, steep nosedive to add to the fun. It’s a family fun ride for thrill seekers of all ages!”
We have been investigating this further and it appears to be the case that the official El Rio Lento Log Flume page on the website now directs you straight to the general attractions page rather than the information page regarding this new log flume which was expected to open in 2024.
The world’s first log flume, El Aserradero is still listed on the official Six Flags Over Texas website but there are no details currently listed anywhere regarding any potential changes to it.

A post which was added to reddit earlier this morning, titled [Six Flags Over Texas] El Rio Lento might been quiety cancelled, has been taken down and says, “Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/rollercoasters.” This could be as a result of Six Flags Over Texas having asked for it to be removed because it has not been officially announced yet or because it is false.
Just to clarify, this is a rumor and nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet by Six Flags Over Texas regarding the potential canceling of the El Rio Lento project for 2024.
The original announcement came at a time when Six Flags Over Texas were heavily advertising their season passes and we are guessing that new season pass members who may well have been influenced to purchase one expecting El Rio Lento to be opening in 2024 may not be too happy if this rumor turns out to be true. The potential canceling of El Rio Lento would mean that currently there are no new rides or attractions planned for Six Flags Over Texas for 2024.
We will keep you posted as soon as there is confirmation one way or the another by Six Flags Over Texas regarding the fate of the recently announced El Rio Lento Log Flume.

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