UPDATE June 29 – We continue to closely follow the construction progress of Epic Universe and today we bring you information from the latest video update posted to YouTube by Exploring Attractions.

As can be seen in the video embedded below, landscaping is beginning on the site of the dual-racing coaster with the addition of some mature trees. You can also see grass being laid at the rumored Wolfman roller coaster in the Dark Universe land where developments are also being made on the entry portal.

We assume work is continuing on the inside of the e-ticket attraction in the Dark Universe which has been rumored online to be Frankenstein’s Castle as there doesn’t appear to be any developments on the exterior and facade since the last update.

Work is happening at How To Train Your Dragon Land and a new dragon head has appeared on one of the Viking boats, there looks to be three Viking boats in total. A wooden structure has been erected with a pillar on either side on the How To Train Your Dragon coaster. We await further details regarding where the launch will be.

In regards to Super Nintendo World, theming work is taking place on the wall of the Donkey Kong mine coaster which could be mountains or an effect of some kind as it is speculated that guests will be made to feel like they are jumping between the tracks so a show element of some kind is expected. A steel covering is now in place over the escalators at the entrance to Super Nintendo World which will take guests up to Princess Peaches castle.

At The Wizarding World land work appears to continue on the entry portal. A ticket sales building is being constructed in the central hub where there is continued talk of a potential space theme. It will be interesting to see if this comes to fruition.

To keep up to date with the latest aerial images of Epic Universe check out Bioreconstruct on Twitter and we will update you again very soon with all the developments taking place at the highly anticipated Epic Universe. 

UPDATE June 19 –  Work on Epic Universe is progressing at an amazing rate and we bring you highlights from the latest photo update posted (June 19) to Twitter from Bioreconstruct. 

Surely one of the highlights for coaster enthusiasts when Epic Universe opens ready for summer 2025 will be the dual-racing coaster. In the first photo below you can see an aerial overview of the East side of the park with the dual-racing coaster dominating this area. 

Aerial overview of the East side of Epic Universe. Some of the details include:
1 Roof frame progress at the How to Train Your Dragon land’s theater
2 Steel tower recently added to this building in Dragon land
3 Recently added track in the dual-racing coaster. pic.twitter.com/1HEcs1ubIH
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) June 19, 2023
Here is a close up aerial photo of the progress being made on this highly anticipated roller coaster. As you can see there is only one last section of yellow track to be added to complete the circuit which is expected to be put in place imminently.

Aerial look at the most recent track placed in the dual-racing roller coaster in Epic Universe.The last yellow track section is at right. The yellow circuit of the coaster will be complete when this section is added at left. pic.twitter.com/shjAuer2IY
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) June 18, 2023
There currently appears to be two gaps to complete in the green track, one can be seen in the photo below and the other is located near the gap in the yellow track. You can also see work progressing on the roof of the station building.

Aerial overview of the dual-racing roller coaster station.
There’s a gap in the green track here. A green track end can be seen about center of this photo.
Work on the station roof continues. pic.twitter.com/tqILxrNIAl
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) June 18, 2023
Here is an aerial photo showing the entire dual-racing coaster as it currently stands.

A nearly straight-down aerial overview of the Epic Universe dual-racing roller coaster.
The yellow circuit will be complete when the gap at left is spanned by the nearby track.
Green track has two gaps. Near the yellow gap, and along the station. pic.twitter.com/4SUlZzKTo1
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) June 18, 2023
We love this photo below showing where the trains will cross over each other 5 times in this area. It is certainly going to be a thrilling ride for all!

An aerial look at how trains will cross over each other 5 times in this area of the Epic Universe dual-racing roller coaster. pic.twitter.com/EqZPNpDWF3
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) June 18, 2023
Right, now for the rest of the park, we see work being done on the roof of the Paris-themed building in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter land.

Metal roof recently added to this Paris-themed building in the Harry Potter related land of Epic Universe. pic.twitter.com/oiGOgMvdgn
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) June 18, 2023
Progress is being made on the roller coaster in the rumored Dark Universe area of the park.

A nearly straight-down aerial look at work on the Dark Universe roller coaster. pic.twitter.com/Ruat5qHTcA
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) June 18, 2023
We can also see progress in Super Nintendo World including work on Mario Kart, Donkey Kong roller coaster and Mushroom Kingdom.

A nearly straight-down aerial photo of Super Nintendo World in Universal Epic Universe.
1 Mushroom Kingdom
2 Mario Kart
3 Donkey Kong roller coaster pic.twitter.com/S1MEgepy5d
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) June 19, 2023
Lastly, here is a photo of How To Train Your Dragon. For a full round up of all the progress being made at Epic Universe, head to Bioreconstruct

In this aerial photo of the front of How To Train Your Dragon land:
1 Portal to the land, with interesting shaped concrete cast in the ground.
2 Pair of statues in the water. Just like how the Dragon movies start.
3 Wooden bridge over roller coaster.
4 Second coaster launch. pic.twitter.com/qAwcWvLQXc
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) June 19, 2023
May 29 –  We are closely following the progress of Universal’s Third Gate, Universal Epic Universe and we recently brought you the latest aerial photo footage update from Bioreconstruct which can be seen below showing all the recent changes that have been made.

Today, we wanted to bring your attention to this newly posted image of the headlining dual-racing coaster at Epic Universe, showing the now completed Celestial Spin element and a flag at the top from a topping off ceremony. There is so much excitement surrounding this roller coaster and it is so amazing to see the speed of progress that is being made on Universal’s Third Gate.

Dual-racing roller coaster in Epic Universe.The Celestial Spin element at right was recently completed. Trains in the yellow and green tracks will cross over each other while rolling upside down. Then cross over each other again.Flag at top from a topping off ceremony. pic.twitter.com/9E9r1blPn0
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) May 28, 2023
For further information on this landmark coaster coming to Epic Universe, check out our featured article, STARFALL RACERS: What We Know (and Think We Know) About Epic Universe’s Stellar Dueling Roller Coaster.  We will continue to update you on the construction progress on Epic Universe over the coming weeks and months.

Here is the update from May 20, in the first image posted earlier this week is of the rumored How To Train Your Dragon Land and includes a newly revealed painted statue in the center of the photo, new rock work and scrims now covering what is thought to be ships being sculpted.

Aerial look at the front of How To Train Your Dragon land.
1 Scrims down at a recently painted statue
2 Scrims added over ships being sculpted
3 Wooden bridge frame for a guest walkway over the roller coaster
4 Recently added rock work
5 Portal has a pipe for theming support pic.twitter.com/pe5CwdlkdZ
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) May 18, 2023
Here is a closer up photo of the recently painted sculpture which appears to take center stage in the land. 

Scrims removed at a recently painted statue in How To Train Your Dragon land. Aerial photo at Epic Universe. pic.twitter.com/NiQl2HBSqk
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) May 18, 2023
Finally in the How To Train Your Dragon Land there is a couple of close up views of how the theater attraction currently looks with the seating is place and we are expecting to see the roof being installed soon.

Aerial photos of a theater attraction in How To Train Your Dragon land. pic.twitter.com/KE2vv7FLye
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) May 8, 2023
The facade work in the rumored Harry Potter Land can be seen below.

Aerial look at facade work in a Harry Potter related land.
1 This is the only concrete structure in the land. All other structures are steel frame. Unusual!
2 Seems like supports for a distant skyline backdrop.
3 Easily overlooked frame for a domed roof peak. pic.twitter.com/NUVVtpTsfw
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) May 9, 2023
Here is an update on the rumored Dark Universe land showing an aerial overview of how it currently looks including the portal, the featured attraction fronted by the manor and the shuttling, spinning roller coaster.

Aerial overview of the Dark Universe land.
1 Portal
2 Village
3 Manor with tower fronting the featured attraction.
4 Shuttling, spinning, roller coaster.
5 These may be retaining walls for a hillside. Quick service inside the hillside.
6 BBQ restaurant outside the land. pic.twitter.com/WPRii46xiH
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) May 10, 2023
The dual-racing roller coaster is really taking shape with the first launch positioned to the left of the photo and the tall green supports showing the highest points for the track. Also visible in front of the dual-racing roller coaster is a section of the track for the rumored How To Train Your Dragon roller coaster.

In background are the first sections of the dual-racing roller coaster in Epic Universe. First launch of the ride is left of this photo.
Tall green supports will have the highest track of the ride.
Some How To Train Your Dragon track seen too.
As seen from Destination Pwy. pic.twitter.com/3yCZj7N66r
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) May 16, 2023
These photos below show an aerial image of the dual-racing roller coaster and newly placed track.

First photo is a view of the dual-racing roller coaster in Epic Universe, as seen from Destination Pwy. Aerial 7-days ago.
1 Arched station building frame
2 Seems like recently placed track. pic.twitter.com/5MGof6EHpW
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) May 16, 2023
Recently added curved roof sections on the dual-racing roller coaster in Epic Universe as seen from Universal Blvd

Portions of a dual-racing roller coaster in Epic Universe that can be seen from Universal Blvd.
Arrow at curved roof sections recently added to the ride. Track runs underneath. pic.twitter.com/VTptC8YH9L
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) May 16, 2023
Hotel with windows South Resort, The concrete covered openings are hotel service space. Steel roof framing for a lobby area of a new Universal Orlando Resort South of Epic Universe. Faces the pool and outdoor recreation of the resort.

Current exterior of a new Universal Orlando Resort South of Epic Universe.Two of the Epic Universe roller coasters can be seen from this viewpoint through the hotel’s ground level. pic.twitter.com/oycUZTCPQq
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) May 16, 2023
Finally, work has began on the first concrete wall for the new Universal Orlando Resort South of Epic Universe.

Aerial look at the first concrete wall raised for a new Universal Orlando Resort South of Epic Universe.
A similar hotel tower was recently completed on the other side of Kirkman Rd (at right). pic.twitter.com/z43p6i9SOl
— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) May 18, 2023
As usual for a full round up of all the aerial photos from Bioreconstruct head to the twitter page. We can also see from the Orlando Park Stop Epic Universe update that work has been done on Super Nintendo World with the portal having received framing for what is expected to be the escalators to take guests up to Peaches castle to enter the land as is the case in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.

The supports for the beacon on the Super Nintendo World portal are now in place and this is expected to be a number of colorful pipes. Each land will have a themed beacon on their portal to help with way finding within Epic Universe.

Work is taking place on the attractions within the land including structures being enclosed in the mushroom kingdom courtyard such as the Mario Kart Ride and Yoshi’s Adventure and the portal into the Donkey Kong mini land is beginning to take shape. The Donkey Kong mine cart attraction is receiving theming including golden bricks along the facade and work is being done on the water feature. Work continues on a potential merchandise store and restaurant.

A lot of work is also being done at the central hub with footings now complete for the structures for the domed roof of the flat ride which is expected to be called Constellation Carosel. These structures are now beginning to be put in place and it appears that there there will be an opening so riders have the opportunity to see out to the rest of the park and the water feature which the ride sits on.

A maze of water pipes are being installed leading to the water pump room which was installed underneath this central attraction which will feed the central lagoon and water falls at the entrance to the park. Pipes are starting to be installed for decorative water fountains also expected in the central lagoon area of the park.

The front of the park will also have a lagoon where the octagonal tiered full service restaurant will be located.

We get to see images of the new track for the dualing coaster which sits in the central position of the park. This new track has been installed in recent weeks on top of the station building and will be the dualing coaster’s final breakrun. The supports are in place in readiness for the track to be installed for the latter part of the ride including the second launch which sits above the maintenance bay as well as the tallest part of the roller coaster. 

New steels has been installed for what is believed to be the covered walk way at the entrance to the park and work appears to have started on the large entry arch.

The portal for what is thought to be the Dark Universe area has seen construction work on the beacon which is rumored to be a large antennae reminiscent of Frankenstein. Mesh framing looks to be like tree roots which wraps around the portal and also includes rock work which has received a top coat. 

The new Trademark, Oddities & Monstrosities has been filed and could be used for the retail store. The main attraction building is still covered as work continues on the facade and it has long been rumored that this attraction will use a similar ride system to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and a notice of commencement has now come to light which names KUKA Robotics Corporation as the contractor which was the company that produced the robotic arms for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

In the rumored How To Train Your Dragon land, work is taking place on the two huge Dragon statues as well as work on the scenic boats which will be part of the lagoon. The Walls of the lagoon have been painted to look man made and a bridge is being built over the lagoon. Foundations have been added for the two spinning rides and there appears to be the start of a kids play area emerging.

Additional facades continue to be worked and details are being added to the Parisian facades in the rumored Wizarding World of Harry Potter land. We will continue to update you with the construction progress on Universal Epic Universe. Let us know your thoughts on all the developments by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page. Continue reading to see previous updates…

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