April 23, 2024, 12:47 PM ·

Europa-Park has dropped the first official on-ride POV video for its new Voltron Nevera roller coaster.

The first Stryker Coaster from Mack Rides throws just a ridiculous number of elements at riders, starting with a special effects show scene before the initial launch onto the 4,544-foot course. Anchoring the park’s Croatia land and themed to Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla, Voltron’s theme is that you are being transformed into electrical energy. The coaster features a recreation of Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower, which the inventor built to test his plans for wireless transmission of electricity.On the coaster, riders twist like lightning arcing across a stormy sky. Voltron Nevera features seven inversions and more airtime moments than I could count in the video. The coaster reaches a top speed of 56 miles per hour and features a nifty surprise at what might have been the end of the ride on a lesser attraction.I really wanted to get to Germany for this one, but its opening this week conflicted with several other press events so I made the choice to stay closer to home and cover them. However, having watched this front row POV, I now am questioning my choices. Voltron Nevera looks like one more compelling reason for roller coaster fans to schedule a trip to the Europa-Park this year. Voltron Nevera opens this Friday at Europa-Park.To keep up to date with more theme park news, please sign up for Theme Park Insider’s weekly newsletter.

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