November 29, 2023, 1:51 PM ·

Shanghai Daily has shared the first on-ride POV video for the new Zootopia: Hot Pursuit ride at Shanghai Disneyland.

Shanghai’s new Zootopia land opens officially on December 20, but the English-language Chinese newspaper got a sneak peek, which you can read about on their website. There’s not much analysis there, save to describe the trackless dark ride as “an action-packed pursuit through Zootopia’s districts, unique themed entertainment experiences, and interactions with characters.”The newspaper posted an edited POV video of the ride, which does include some practical sets and animatronics, but seems to rely on screen media for most of its storytelling.You’re along for the ride with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde as you try to rescue Gazelle from Bellwether and get her to her concert on time. Yes, it’s a plussed version of the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster/Superstar Limo storyline, but this time, there’s a kidnapper and you’re racing through Zootopia.Outside of the ride, Judy and Nick will meet park guests in the land at the Zootopia Recruitment Station greet area, while other Zootopia residents will interact with visitors at the Zootopia Park Apartments, which was previewed in the Walt Disney Imagineering pavilion at the D23 Expo last year. The land’s restaurant will be Jumbeaux’s Cafe and its store will be Fashions by Fru Fru. You can read more about the land in our preview, Disney reveals details on its first-ever Zootopia land.For tickets to the park, please visit our partner’s Shanghai Disneyland tickets page.And to keep up to date with more theme park news, please sign up for Theme Park Insider’s weekly newsletter.

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