February 11, 2023, 5:29 PM ·

Parc Astérix has started out testing its new Intamin launch coaster, Toutatis.

Similar to very last year’s Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Toutatis will function multiple launches, a major hat, and a spike, but the French coaster will be a little little bit for a longer time (3,527 ft) and steeper (101-degree highest drop angle). Its best velocity of 66.5 mph will be a French record for a roller coaster.The drinking water dummies are having this new coaster for a journey, and Parc Astérix has unveiled some video.Toutatis will anchor the new €36 million Le Competition Toutatis land, which will also include Chez Gyrofolix (a Zamperla Nebulaz) and Le Sanglier d’Or playground.Toutatis and Le Festival Toutatis will open this spring. Parc Astérix is positioned about 20 miles north of Paris. For tickets, make sure you stop by our partner’s Parc Astérix tickets web page.And for a lot more concept park news, please signal up for Concept Park Insider’s weekly e-newsletter.

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