March 25, 2024, 9:43 AM ·

Gardaland has revealed fresh details about its new attraction for the 2024 season.

We learned earlier that the Italian theme park has chosen a theme based on indigenous Americans for the new ride, which is under construction next to its Shaman roller coaster. [Gardaland unveils more clues about its 2024 attraction]Today, the park took delivery of and installed the ride’s 82-foot-tall purple octagonal tower, revealing that the new attraction will be a “Drop & Twist Tower.”
Photos courtesy Gardaland
“We can’t wait to inaugurate this attraction that is destined to become a new icon of Gardaland,” CEO Sabrina de Carvalho said. “Thanks to its impressive set design and light and sound effects, our guests will be involved in a memorable experience. It promises to be not just a fun experience but also a real adventure, which will spark the imagination and guarantee excitement for our visitors.”

The new, still officially unnamed name, will open in June. A Gardaland press release described the ride experience: “Adventurers will commence their ride to the notes of a ritual chant, surrounded by glittering symbols to be deciphered, extraordinary lighting effects and, only when they touch the highest point of the attraction, will they plummet through dense clouds of smoke. Guests are invited to climb up and down several times and repeatedly rotate around the axis of the tower, for a memorable and unique experience before the final descent.”* * *
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