There is nothing more that a Universal fan likes to hear than the potential return of a classic IP, so the recent rumor has certainly generated a lot of excitement.According to a new video posted to YouTube by Theme Park Stop, Universal may well have just relicensed the classic IP Ghostbusters. Does this mean we will see a return of the famous Ghostbusters to Universal Studios Florida? Let’s explore…Well, firstly Universal announced that a new parade would be coming to Universal Studios Florida to replace the Superstar parade which ended back in May 2022 after 10 years of operation.We heard at the end of November 2023 that this new parade which is rumored to make its debut this summer will be called UNIVERSAL MEGA MOVIE PARADE which was trademarked by Universal last year.Although there has not been any confirmation as of yet, it has been rumored that the classic properties which will be included in the parade will be Back to the future, Jaws, Jurassic Park, ET and Ghostbusters.Rumors of Ghostbusters involvement in this new parade was heightened with the news at the end of January that Universal has bought an old 5 Star Auto Wash Cadillac which is expected be be transformed into the new Ecto-1 from the Ghostbuster movie.Ghostbusters originally featured at Universal Studios Florida in the Ghostbusters Spooktacular which ran from 1990-96. From then on street shows were performed up until 2005.

Image: Goddard Group

There are also a number of other rumors as to where the Ghostbusters could be used at Universal Studios Florida including in the brand new lagoon show which is expected to be coming soon to Universal Studios Florida. Although few details have been officially confirmed as of yet, we do now that the new lagoon show is expected to be bigger than the previous show and should include more classic properties, better pyrotechnics, taller shows fountains and potentially drones.There is also a rumor that this year’s summer tribute store could include the Ghostbusters and we may well see a Halloween House based on the newer film series from Ghostbusters at Halloween Horror Nights this year.

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Regular meet and greets would be expected at Universal Studios Florida and we could see the return of a full blown attraction for Ghostbusters or a special effects show.We await further confirmation from Universal regarding the relicensing of The Ghostbusters IP and how they will fully incorporate them into Universal Studios Florida.

Image: Universal

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