Book Critique for The Margaret Ellen, A Karen Cobia Secret by RC Burdick

I’ve found a new preferred creator, and his name is RC Burdick.

The Margaret Ellen is an ocean-drenched secret, stuffed with vibrant figures, palpable sea breezes, and backbone-tingling suspense. It is really a tale that lingers in the reader’s mind for times, conjuring up illustrations or photos of blustery sky and sea, saltwater-dampened hair, and personalities that spring to daily life from the speedily turned internet pages. Like a terrific movie, it can be above significantly far too before long.

Karen “Seaweed” Cobia is in a problem. Treading drinking water in unsatisfactory relationships, Seaweed knows one thing has to alter. As the charming, boyish charter boat captain sets out to right the wrongs in her life, she finds herself smack dab in the center of a juicy murder investigation.

Seaweed and before long-to-be-ex boyfriend, Angus Loman, discover a system bobbing in the surf off Hangman’s Critical, an island on the west coast of Florida. Eva Park, area effectively-known philanthropist, is identified facial area down in the surf with her fingers and toes sure and a bullet in her brow. Due to the fact Seaweed was elevated by her sea-loving father, owner of Cobia’s Bait, Tackle, and Constitution Company, her resultant marine expertise aids in the murder investigation. The crusty local detective, Myers, begrudgingly accepts her support. Nicknamed “Grim Lips,” Myers carries on to look for out Karen’s assistance as his regard for her ability intensifies.

As the thriller unfolds, a peculiar female ways Seaweed for aid, embroiling her a lot more deeply in the intrigue. Seaweed tries to equilibrium the life she craves on the ocean with the promise to enable the young lady, but rather is catapulted towards a perilous liaison with the devious perpetrator who wants her useless.

Mr. Burdick’s very first thriller is a masterpiece – the sense of spot is alive and tantalizing the scenes are lively and tangible. I continue to flavor the salt from the onion rings experience the condensation on the café tabletop and sense the rolling of The Margaret Ellen as it moves by means of the swells. Burdick’s understanding of boats, waterways, fishing, and daily life on the Florida coast is stunning, and lends believability to the work.

The Margaret Ellen is reminiscent of John D MacDonald’s Travis Magee collection. As a great deal as I love Travis Magee, I need to say that I felt closer to Burdick’s figures and a lot more securely at the helm of The Margaret Ellen than I did with Magee’s houseboat, The Busted Flush. Is that a travesty?

The organic dialogue is brilliantly established to the rustling of sea oats and whistling Austrian pines. The interaction in between Seaweed and her father is priceless, emotive, and legitimate. Evocative of true lifetime, it brings to thoughts my own important relationships with my a few daughters. When I completed The Margaret Ellen, I was remaining with the paradox of deep pleasure coupled with a powerful yearning for a lot more. I cared about these people, and want to know what takes place upcoming. Mr. Burdick has hinted at a sequel and will certainly have a extensive line of audience anxiously awaiting its release!