UPDATE March 5, 2024 – We come to this time of the year and horror fans are already eager to hear news regarding the upcoming event of the year at Universal Orlando Resort, Halloween Horror Nights.After Halloween Horror Nights 2023 was one for the record books with Frequent Fear Passes selling out mere days into the event and its extended run until November 4, we already predicted change was coming, 5 Rumors About 2024’s Halloween Horror Nights We Can’t Ignore.

Image: Universal

Now, further rumor and speculation is beginning to appear surrounding this years event. Back at the end of February, Universal Orlando filed permits for two new Halloween Horror Nights sprung tents as can be seen in the post added to X by Behind The Thrills.  Universal has filed plans to construct two additional Sprungs on the storage lot behind the existing Sprung tents. Plans show two new 7200sqft buildings labeled Sprung 3 (B138A) and Sprung 4 (B138B). pic.twitter.com/QS62JQcI0M— Behind the Thrills (@BehindThrills) February 23, 2024It looks like this years Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort could be bigger than 2023 with 12 rather than the usual 10 haunts available to guests. With the event being more and more crowded each year, an addition of two extra haunts is definitely much needed.The plans show the addition of two new 7200sqft buildings labeled Sprung 3 and Sprung 4 which are bigger than the existing Sprung 1 and Sprung 2 tents in the same area.According to Screamscape, we could also see the existing Fast and Furious immersive tunnel experience at Universal Studios Florida becoming a temporary extra haunt for this years Halloween Horror Nights. With the expected removal of the temporary building which has housed a smaller haunted house each year along with the demolition of the former Fear Factor show venue an extra haunt will certainly be much needed to help with capacity. The Fast and Furious immersive tunnel experience would certainly be an ideal potential contender. We await confirmation from Universal on this.We still eagerly await confirmation of exactly which haunts will be coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2024. Could we see Five Nights at Freddy’s in the Blumhouse house? Could we see a return of Jack The Clown? We will keep you updated as we head towards the highlight of the year for many, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort.Continue reading to remind yourself of news from Halloween Horror Nights 2023…

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