Harry Potter Concept Park Points of interest

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

The flagship attraction/trip of the Theme park. Designed in the 150 foot tall Hogwarts Castle the ride will characteristic the revolutionary KUKA Arm technologies. The rider will be tossed and turned in all attainable instructions together with the online video keep track of of Harry Potter Adventures.

The title was given by the guides writer and inventor J.K Rowling. It guarantees to be a significantly much better variation of the “Sum of all thrills” attraction in Epcot Centre Orlando, Florida.

Flight of the Hippogriff.

This trip explained as a relatives-orientated trip that replicates a Hippogriff – the 50 percent-horse, half-eagle beast from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – coaching flight more than Hogwarts castle.

Dragon Problem.

Is a twin speed Roller Coaster that will function elements from the fourth book “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fireplace”, exactly where Harry Potter experienced to fight the Dragon in buy to advance to the following phase of the match.

Hogwarts Castle.

Standing 150 toes tall, the castle will look to tower some 600 toes up because of to architectural tricks the parks creators have put in put. The castle will have school rooms, the legendary “Mystery Area”, Dumbledor’s place of work along with the portraits of earlier headmaster, Gryffindor quarters, and many numerous extra landmarks from the series.

“Harry Potter continues to spark the imaginations of enthusiasts of all ages and we actually have observed the anticipation proceed to establish for The Wizarding Globe,” explained Brad World, President of Warner Bros. Consumer Goods.

Hogsmeade village.

The legendary village that we, as readers, read through about in the third calendar year in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” will feature the “Hog’s Head” Pub, the place Hearth-Whiskey, pumpkin juice and butter beer will be made available, alongside with “traditional British foodstuff fare”.

The Hogwarts Categorical will take you to the Hogsmeade practice station in which your Wizarding Planet Journey will get started.

Ollivander’s magic wand shop.

If you generally preferred to be chosen by a wand, right here is your likelihood. When you take a look at Ollivander’s wand shop, you will be in a position to get your self a magic wand.

The wands are produced in diverse dimensions, of various varieties of wood, and will change in pounds. Just about every wand will have a diverse sensor that will react differently to each person’s hand, therefore “picking” its owner. We are incredibly excited about this store as it promises to be so significantly fun.

The Forbidden Forest.

This is the most mysterious element of the park. We will not know exactly where specifically it will be located, but Common Studios® undoubtedly has options to acquire it. The Forbidden Forrest is an significant venue from the adventures of Harry Potter showcased in the ebook sequence. It is complete of magical creatures such as centaurs, unicorns and spider-like “acromantulas” released to us in the to start with e-book in the collection “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”.