If there is one attraction Disney followers Love to armchair engineer, it really is the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. This attraction, which opened in 1999, has not precisely aged very well, with quite a few suggesting that the Aerosmith theme makes the trip sense dated, as the band has not created any new hits in rather some time, and their more mature songs isn’t really as timeless as other bands from their era.

When the roller coaster closed earlier this yr for refurbishment, rumors swirled after again that the theme of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster would improve. Walt Disney Planet even launched a statement addressing these rumors, expressing that the ride would “resume its tremendous-extend limo rides,” alluding to the attraction’s existing theming.
Impression: DisneyOf class, even although admirers were being throwing strategies around about what could maybe switch Aerosmith, the ride reopened with the exact Aerosmith theming it has experienced for in excess of 20 years. However, some pretty attention-grabbing information broke several times ago that has enthusiasts imagining that, even although the ride’s original theming is intact as of now, ideas could be in the works to basically get the ball rolling on a true re-concept in the near long run. 

Why a Muppets Mayhem re-theme would perform for Disney’s Hollywood Studios 

Image: DisneyEarlier this month, Jeff Yorkes, co-creator of The Muppets Mayhem series on Disney+ posted a reply on Twitter to an post speaking about rumors of a Muppets takeover of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, saying “Not gonna lie–this was absolutely component of our authentic pitch and is another piece of this desire. Fingers crossed that it transpires.” Yorkes immediately deleted the Tweet, but the influence had by now been created. Fans all across social media rallied close to this plan of a likely Muppets re-concept for this attraction and highlighted some quite fantastic reasons why Disney would be smart to devote in this thought. 

First of all, the Muppets residence is Disney-owned, indicating that they would not have to pay for licensing the way they do now with Aerosmith. Not only would swapping the IP conserve them funds, but it could also be employed to endorse both of those the Mayhem sequence on Disney+, as perfectly as foreseeable future Muppets initiatives, of which there are sure to be numerous in the coming years. The Muppets is just one of Disney’s most timeless IPs, entertaining people for around 60 many years, and it appears not likely to sluggish down any time before long, which means that this re-concept would be just as related nowadays as it would be 20 several years from now.

Impression: DisneyIn addition to the obvious added benefits Disney would have when it will come to swapping out the Aerosmith band for their have IP, there is certainly also the reality that band frontman Steven Tyler has been in incredibly hot drinking water not long ago, with allegations of sexual misconduct coming out of the woodwork over the earlier couple of yrs. If Disney was just casually thinking of re-theming Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster prior to, it is very likely that these promises have built them much more critically take into consideration the chance, as they possible never want just one of their most common rides related with a person uncovered to be a sexual predator. Acquiring the ball rolling now on a Muppets re-theme could assist them steer clear of any these affiliation and get the experience a new topic before any far more troubles occur. 

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