Excitement is brewing among theme park enthusiasts and tourism officials alike as rumors circulate about the possible establishment of a Universal theme park in the UK. Although Universal has not released any official details, Alicia Stella of Orlando Park Stop has published a growing body of evidence that paints a compelling picture of a groundbreaking project potentially on the horizon. After some impressive sleuthing, Stella found that earlier this year Comcast acquired a construction and development company, named Cloud Wing UK Limited. While this wouldn’t be especially notable on its own, as part of the sale, Comcast also received its land assets, which include a 500-acre area of land in Bedford, England. Couple this with the fact that the domains “universalstudiosgreatbritain.com” and “universalgreatbritain.com.” appear to have been registered by NBCUniversal, and it looks like a plan to bring a Universal park to Great Britain may well be unfolding before our eyes!This could be the culmination of Universal’s massive expansion plans
Image: UniversalIf this project is indeed coming together it could be the cap to one of the most aggressive theme park expansion plans ever. Fresh off the opening of Universal Studios Beijing in 2021, Universal plans to open Universal’s Epic Universe in Orlando in 2025, Universal Kids Resort in Texas in 2026, and Universal Horror Unleashed in Las Vegas at some point in the next few years as well. While a timeline for Universal Great Brittain is far from set in stone, if construction on this potential new project kicks off in 2025 after Epic Universe opens in Orlando, it could see its grand opening before the end of the decade, marking a fitting finale for this rapid and truly unprecedented period of expansion. Universal Studios Great Britain could be a wholly unique park
Image: UniversalThough each Universal park around the world has its own identity, it’s not surprising to see some repeated attractions like Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Transformers: The Ride, and Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. However, in Stella’s report, she hypothesizes that Universal could be working on a plan to create a wholly unique park in Great Britain, so as not to cannibalize current travel to Universal’s other parks. This plan would also encourage international visitors as well, as new rides based on properties like Harry Potter and Jurassic Park, as well as Nintendo and DreamWorks characters would almost certainly motivate Universal fans from around the world to get out their passports. Of course, Universal has not officially confirmed any details about the park, so everything we know right now is based on speculation. However, the growing body of evidence published by Orlando Park Stop suggests that this ambitious project is very much on track to become a reality, and will likely be a major game-changer for the UK’s theme park landscape.So, while we wait for an official announcement from Universal, we can all keep an eye out for any new developments and speculate about what this exciting new park might hold.

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