The hype around Universal Orlando Resort’s third gate, Epic Universe which is slated to open in 2025 is immense. We are closely following the construction progress and will continue to update you with all the new developments as we head through the coming months and witness each individual land in Epic Universe really coming to life.

In a new video update posted to YouTube by Theme Park Stop we get to hear further ride details for the rumored Universal Classic Monsters land which is expected to be called “Dark Universe” based on trademark applications. We also get to see an update on the latest construction which has taken place at the park.

Please note, a lot of the information is rumored and is still not confirmed by Universal. 

Each land at Epic Universe will have an entrance portal. The entrance portal to Dark Universe is beginning to come alive with twisted roots as they wind around an electrical tower which will be topped with a beacon.
Image: UniversalName of Village and dining locations

Guests will enter the fictitious village of “Darkmoor” where real monsters are believed to live. There is expected to be two dining locations including one based on the Windmill from Frankenstein and from permits this will likely include flame effects to show it is on fire.

The atmosphere of the land
Image: UniversalThe general atmosphere of the land is expected to be dark and gloomy all year round and is expected to have an original soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman. From plans for the gothic manor which will dominate this Dark Universe land, there is a Fog Room labeled. This is expected to produce fog for the Village adding to its eerie atmosphere.

Attractions – Main Dark Ride
Image: UniversalThe main attraction will be a large dark ride set inside a huge gothic manor which is rumored from a recent trademark application as being called “Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment”. The expectation has been for some time that this main attraction will include all classic Universal monsters which have been released following an experiment by Dr Frankenstein.

Construction on the gothic manor is progressing well and beneath the scaffolding arched elements and decorative features are slowly emerging. It appears that the queue area could be themed to an old delipidated garden with the walls separating different sections of the queue.

There are rumors that there could be an old dried up moat with a bridge over it where guests will walk to the main entrance of the gothic manor.

New permit information has given us insight into the potential names for the different queue areas in the manor; “grand staircase” thought to have two sets of circular steps, “Study”, “Library”, “Great Dining Room” and “Corridor”. 

The attraction is expected to include double-sided lockers, similar to VelociCoaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, near to the attraction load station meaning guests will only need to leave their personal belonging just prior to the ride experience. All items will need to be stored as this main attraction will include a Kuka ride system similar to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

It is expected that the load and unload area will be be circular rather than in a straight line and will be themed to Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory with the ride vehicles appearing as medical tables with the guests being experimented on.

Image: Universal, via Park StopThe track will be a pinch track manufactured by Petersen Incorporated where guests will travel through a number of scenes attached to the moving kuka robotic arm.

In the video we get to see the graphic from the Orange County permitting site showing the ride layout which includes the queue area inside the gothic manor, the extended queue area in what is thought to be the delipidated garden and then the two-story interior queue where the double-sided lockers will be housed before heading to the circular load area at the beginning of the attraction.

It appears that divider walls will separate the ride path in the actual attraction. It has been confirmed that “Frankenstein Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment” will not utilise projection screen carousels as seen in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal’s Islands of Adventure but from new rumors it is expected to feature a number of large LED screen displays which are said to create brighter lighting. 

According to the video, one of these large LED screens could be used at the middle point of the ride where there looks to be a circular section. With Universal patenting technology for a curved LED screen this seems like a likely option but has not been confirmed as of yet.

It continues to be rumored that the attraction will contain physical sets and animatronics and it has been confirmed that the animatronic monsters are being manufactured by Roush Industries. It is rumored that we are destined to meet all the classics including, The Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Wolfman and Hunchback.

No ride would be complete without an exit gift shop which is clearly marked on the layout plan. An on-ride photo pick up area is also displayed which confirms that there will be an on-ride photo option on this attraction.

Next up is more information regarding the upcoming second attraction…

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