UPDATE June 1 – The Universal Kids Resort is currently slated to open in Frisco in June 2026. Things have been quiet on the construction progress in recent months.
However, there has been a recent video posted to YouTube by Texney of drone footage of the whole construction area. We get to see the hotel guest entrance and hotel roundabout as well as the parking driveways. The pond is where the new Shrek land is thought to be.

February 26 – Ground work begun in November and we can now see in a new video posted to YouTube by Theme Park Wizard that land prep is currently happening on site.
Construction vehicles are on site and pipes have been delivered ready to be installed. As with Epic Universe, we expect to see progress ramp up this year as the promised SpongeBob, Shrek, Puss In Boots, Jurassic World and Dreamworks Land including The Minions begin to come to life.

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December 10 – At the beginning of December we brought you an update on the Universal Kids Resort Set to Open in 2026 With Lands Based on SpongeBob, Shrek, and More. The project was originally announced in January 2023 with ground work beginning last month and vertical construction set to begin in 2024.
The new road connecting this new kids theme park will be named the Universal Parkway. Although the actual lands have not been officially confirmed, new concept art has now been released which gives us further insight into the lands we will likely see at Universal Kids Resort when it opens in 2026. In a new video posted to YouTube by Theme Park Stop we can see further information regarding recent rumors.

The rumored land near the entrance to the park is expected to be based on Bikini Bottom from the popular SpongeBob SquarePants series featuring underwater and beach theming. It also looks like the Crusty Crab will be included. There is also a rumored land based on Jurassic Park or Jurassic World series with a potential dinosaur meet and greet.
A further land is expected to be split between Shrek and Puss In Boot with Shrek’s swamp and a Far Far Away area which will potentially include an onion carriage themed ride.
Image: Universal
The last of the four larger lands is expected to be based on Dreamworks Trolls with a smaller land based on the Gabby’s Dollhouse TV series. This smaller area could change in the future to represent other IPs which are popular at the time. The central area will be based on the Minions with a rumored yellow raft water ride passing the other lands of the park.
Image: Universal
There are potential pockets of land for theme park expansion at the back of the park and to the left of the theme park which could be used for a water park. The 300 hotel roomed hotel will have 5 storeys with the potential to double in size to 600 rooms in the future. 
The image below shows a speculation map based on current rumors posted by Theme Park Stop. The current Universal Kids Resort website gives limited information but we are expecting further information to be announced as we head into 2024 as vertical construction begins. It will be interesting to compare this speculation map with the actual plan which we hope will be released next year.
Image: Theme Park Stop
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