Compilation video of the main new attractions coming to Six Flags theme parks in 2021. These attractions were delayed from 2020 into 2021 due to COVID-19. Read more for direct links to each new addition:
-Jersey Devil at Six Flags Great Adventure: 0:04 – 2:03
-Vipere at La Ronde: 2:04 – 2:32
-Tsunami Surge at Six Flags Great America: 2:34 – 3:35
-Supergirl Sky Flyer at Six Flags New England: 3:36 – 4:43
-Sidewinder Safari at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: 4:44 – 5:37
-Aquaman Power Wave at Six Flags Over Texas: 5:38 – 7:20

Note: The POV for Tsunami Surge is actually a POV of Massiv at Schlitterbahn. Tsunami Surge is a taller clone of Massiv.

I haven’t done a video like this in 5 years, so with the lack of any actual Six Flags announcements, I figured this would be a good year to start doing it again! 🙂

#SixFlags #HurricaneHarbor