The attraction was opened in March 2020. I visited Disney in September and the wait time was still 120 minutes. You can tell how popular this attraction is. It is very worthy for the wait. I am sure you will enjoy the video and keep in mind that it is x100 times more amazing in real life though. The screen can’t deliver that awesome atmosphere but I hope it brings you an idea what to expect.

Here is a little background about the ride:
The darling duo are taking a leisurely drive to a picnic in their sporty roadster with Engineer Goofy’s train following merrily along. Plot twist you get to go, too! Climb aboard a runaway railway and embark on a whirlwind ride through a world where the rules of physics don’t apply. Prepare for unexpected twists, slapstick gags and mind-boggling transformations at every turn, as Mickey and Minnie try to save the day.
There’s no telling where this train is heading! This is an adventure for Mickey and Minnie fans of all ages.
Based on the recent award-winning Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is a brand-new attraction unique to Walt Disney World Resort and Disney’s Hollywood Studios—and the first ride at any Disney park that stars Mickey Mouse and friends.