[4K] New Updated Finale on Jurassic World the Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. You will finally get to see the fully lifelike Indominus Rex and T-Rex battle each other before you plunge down a 85 ft drop.

“The grand reopening of Universal Studios Hollywood also brings guests face-to-face with “Jurassic World—The Ride’s” all-new, extraordinarily realistic dinosaur, the Indominus rex, who stakes her claim at the ride’s finale in a forceful battle with her arch-rival, the Tyrannosaurus rex.” – Universal Press release.

Do you guys prefer the 2019 finale or the new 2021 version? Also Would you like for Jurassic World the Ride to replace Jurassic Park the Ride at Universal Studios Florida? Leave your favorite finale in the comment below.

Ride filmed April 15, 2021 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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