UPDATE December 1 – Construction progress continues at a rapid rate at Epic Universe and thanks to a photo update from Bioreconstruct and a new video update from Theme Park Stop which is embedded below we can see the work which has been done on each of the lands at Epic Universe.
The big news surrounds newly trademarked names in the Wizarding World and dummy ride testing beginning in the Dark Universe and How To Train Your Dragon land. 

Firstly, “Wizarding World of Harry Potter Ministry Of Magic” is expected to be the name of this land at Epic Universe. Warner Bros has filed a whole host of new trademark names which are expected to be used within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Ministry Of Magic land.
“Harry Potter And The Battle At The Ministry” is the trademarked name which is rumored to be for the main dark ride set within the Ministry of Magic. “Tour En Floo” is another trademarked name assumed to be for the exit gift shop which is supposedly being themed as a travel agency around the Floo network.
“Le Cirque Arcanus” is assumed to be for a live stage show which is set to be themed around the circus from the second Fantastic Beasts film.
“Cosme Acajor Baguettes Magique” is the name for the land’s wand shop, “Patisserie Matagot” will be a small bakery and “Les Galeries Mirifiques” is expected to be the name for a department store in the middle of the land. “Cafe L’Air De La Sirene” and “Le Gobelet Noir” will be quick service restaurants and “Bar Moonshine” will be a small bar.
“Mademoiselle Malkin’s” will be the name of the Wizarding World’s robe and clothing shop with “K.Rammelle” expected to be the name of the candy store.
Windows are being installed in the tall Parisian building facades.
Image: UniversalThe key developments in the rest of Epic Universe include testing in the Dark Universe land. At timestamp 3:53 you get to see photos within the video which show a ride vehicle with dummies on what is expected to be a Wolfman roller coaster and rumor has it that testing has started.  
Dummy testing is also taking place on both the Sky Fly rides in the How To Train Your Dragon land where photos show every seat is filled (timestamp 6:06).
The rumored show is expected to be called The Untrainable Dragon and will be similar to the show which debuted at Universal Studios Beijing featuring actors, large scale puppets, drumming and more.
In Super Nintendo World, there is exciting news as the Yoshi shaped ride vehicles are now on the track for Yoshi’s Adventure (timestamp 9:08).
Work also continues on the central section of Epic Universe which is expected to be named Celestial Park and on the Epic Universe hotels.
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