UPDATE April 27 – As we head closer and closer towards the official opening of Hyperia at Thorpe Park on Friday 24th May it is interesting to see the latest progress being made on site.In the latest update posted to YouTube by Jack Silkstone we get an update on all the latest developments. On the first test run of Hyperia back on 16th April, the train ascended the lift hill at 0.5m per second. We hear that the train is expected to run at 5m per second up the lift hill on a normal daily basis.There will be four queue lines for Hyperia including disabled access, Fast Track, Single riders and then the normal queue line. They will merge at the foot of the stairs into two lines where it is thought that there will be two lines heading up the steps with single riders on one side and then normal/fast track on the other. Those guests unable to use the stairs will be directed to the left at the bottom of the stairs to access the lift.Lighting and audio are being added on the exterior and interior of the station building. At time stamp 7:20 we get to see the progres being made on the splash down effect at the end of the ride which is currently being worked on with the pumps now being installed.Work is being done on the Hyperia gift shop which will include on-ride photos and a whole host of Hyperia merchandise. At time stamp 9:50 we get to see close up footage of the second Hyperia train which arrived recently to Thorpe Park. It is currently still covered in plastic but it is expected to be uncovered checked and filled with water dummies very soon in order for testing to begin. We will then see Hyperia testing two trains on the roller coaster to get prepared for the opening day on Friday 24th May.April 23 – With all UK theme park fans eyes watching Hyperia at Thorpe Park as it continues to test ahead of its official opening on Friday 24th May, there has been some interesting news revealed by the park this week.According to a YouTube short posted by Digital Dan, Hyperia will have a total of 14.8 seconds of airtime, when guests will be lifted out of their seats, which is a huge amount of time considering the total ride itself is only going to be approximately 50 seconds long.April 19 – There is more exciting news from Thorpe Park this week as the second train for Hyperia has now arrived on site and is located in the maintenance building.In a new video posted to YouTube by UK Theme Parks we get to see further testing being done on the first Hyperia train which arrived onsite earlier this week and we see footage of the second train arriving and being put in the maintenance building.With only just over a month now remaining, Thorpe Park have quite a long way to go to ensure necessary landscaping is finished onsite as well as the completion of the retail location before the official opening day which is Friday 24th May. April 18 – Unsurprisingly, YouTube is now full of first test run videos forHyperia, the UK’s new tallest and fastest roller coaster which is set to officially open at Thorpe Park on Friday 24th May.In a new video posted to YouTube by Theme Park Worldwide we get to see footage of the second day of Hyperia testing from a range of angles, giving us a really clear look at this new highly anticipated rollercoaster.We are getting extremely excited for the opening day and would love to know what you are most looking forward to about Hyperia. Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.April 17 – It was the sight UK theme park fans had been waiting a long time for. Yesterday (April 16), Hyperia at Thorpe Park made its first complete test.In the video posted to YouTube by Jack Silkstone who has followed the construction of Hyperia in its entirety from the beginning we can see the train crest the top of the 236ft lift hill and complete its first test run.When Hyperia opens at Thorpe Park on Friday May 24th it will take the crown from The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach as the UK’s tallest roller coaster. It will also clinch the record from neighbour roller coaster, Stealth at Thorpe Park as the fastest roller coaster in UK.For anyone who wants to get the complete feeling of being at the park when Hyperia did its first complete test run, Theme Park Worldwide did a live stream and this is embedded below. As can be seen in the video, it was a very slow first ascent up the lift hill.We are very excited to see further testing over the coming weeks and landscaping and preparations being completed ahead of Hyperia’s official opening on Friday 24th May.April 16 – There has been further excitement in the last few days as Hyperia’s train has been moved from the Maintenance building to the station.This has been captured in a new video posted to YouTube by Jack Silkstone which is embedded below. At timestamp 4:34, we get to see and hear that preparations for testing are fully underway including extensive safety parameters including the further installation of ride fencing which currently have temporary signage which will be replaced before opening with permanent signage.Now that the Hyperia train is on the track, the engineers can complete preparations for ride testing which is expected to begin imminently. As can be seen in the video, the water dummies have already been positioned on the train ready for testing. These water dummies will allow MACK rides and Thorpe Park to simulate bodies to ensure all testing is completed and everything is ready for Hyperia’s grand opening on Friday May 24th.  April 13 – The Hyperia trains have now been revealed at Thorpe Park. In the new video posted to YouTube by Jack Silkstone we get to see the complete journey of the Hyperia trains from their arrival at Thorpe Park to the grand reveal in the maintenance building on the Hyperia site.So, it was Tuesday March 26th that the trains arrived at the engineering workshop located behind the Swarm.At timestamp 2:07 we see the trains being unloaded from the lorry at the park all covered in white protective cellophane.On April 10th the train begun to arrive on the Hyperia site in the maintenance building. The grand reveal video was released by Thorpe Park yesterday (April 12th) and shows the 5 cars of the first Hyperia train. Each car holds four riders giving a total of 20 riders per train.At timestamp 11:30 we get to see the Hyperia train very close up as Silkstone films underneath the trains showing the wheel configurations, magnets and anti-roll back.The Hyperia cars have the traditional clam-shell MACK Rides restraints with a lap bar rather than over shoulder harness giving riders a feeling of freedom when they ride. These are the same as ICON at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.The wings are on the front car along with the Thorpe Park name. The orange and black colours are striking contrasted with the white bars on the sides of the restraints.Let us know your thoughts regarding the reveal of the new Hyperia trains by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page. April 9 – At the end of March, Thorpe Park announced the official opening date for Hyperia which is fast approaching on Friday May 24. In a new video posted to YouTube by Jack Silkstone we see that preparations have begun for ride testing. The ground work for the ride area fencing is now taking place. The fence posts are going into place for the queue line and the queue area as you enter the station has been caged as a safety feature. Netting is also being added as the queue line is directly under the roller coaster.  A new sign has been added to the station building which reads “Welcome Fearless”.We eagerly await news of the first test run on Hyperia which is expected very soon and look forward to bringing you footage of this exciting milestone.April 4 – In the new video construction update posted to YouTube by Jack Silkstone we get to see the chain for the chain lift being installed. The queue line and exit path is being marked out and infrastructure is being added to the Hyperia gift shop.We are expecting to see the queue line being put into place in the coming weeks as well as further landscaping. We all eagerly await the arrival of the train and for testing to begin. We will continue to keep you updated.March 27 – Thorpe Park has just announced that Hyperia will officially open on Friday 24th May just in time for the half term holiday in the UK. This is extremely exciting news and we can’t wait to take a ride on the UK’s new tallest and fastest roller coaster. Thorpe Park released the following video this afternoon.March 7 – It is now official, Hyperia at Thorpe Park has been topped off meaning that all the track is installed and complete.In a new video posted to YouTube by Theme Park Worldwide, we get to see footage of the moment when the last piece of Hyperia track, the crest of the hill, was lifted into place.After months of construction, Hyperia is complete! We now await news of the arrival of the ride vehicles and for testing to begin. With the track now complete, the speculation of an end of April opening may seem more plausible, however there is still extensive testing to be done as well as a lot of work to finish on the station, landscaping and the plaza before we can expect news of an opening date. We will be sure to keep you posted as further developments are announced.

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