UPDATE June 13 – In a new video posted to YouTube by Digital Dan we get to see all the latest news from Alton Towers and at timestamp 9:09 we get to see the latest developments on Project Ocean which is the new flat ride coming to Forbidden Valley.
We see a number of construction vehicles on site including a large crane. The most impressive thing to mention is the large cage which is being erected on the recently added base which will form the concrete tunnel which the new flat ride will sit on.

Once the cage is complete, the concrete will be poured. The whole project is expected to take around 15 weeks and as we are currently around 4 weeks in, there is still a good three months of work to be done on Project Ocean at Alton Towers.
June 6 – As Nemesis Reborn continues to run smoothly at Alton Towers, fans attention are firmly fixed on the construction of the new permanent flat ride which has currently been named, Project Ocean.
In a recent update, posted to X by Towers Street we get to see photos of the continued groundwork on site where a large concrete base in currently being installed.

Ground work continues at the Project Ocean site, with a large concrete base now being installed. Thanks to TowersStreet member Will for the photos. pic.twitter.com/EhFO64nmec
— TowersStreet (@TowersStreet) May 31, 2024

Although Alton Towers has still not officially confirmed exactly what type of flat ride will be installed, speculation all points towards a HUSS Topspin suspended model which has two rows back to back, seating 38 guests and has multiple ride pattern combinations including rotations, pendulum swings and sudden, unexpected turns and spins.
May 15 – In a new video posted to YouTube by Digital Dan we get to the see the recent progress which has been made so far starting at timestamp 4:00. There certainly seems to be a hive of activity with construction vehicles littered across the site. We now know based on previous noise assessment planning applications that a top spin attraction is headed to Alton Towers although the exact model has not yet been confirmed.

April 30 – With construction beginning just last week on the new permanent flat ride located in Forbidden Valley at Alton Towers, speculation is rife as to what this new flat ride is actually going to be.
Well, in a recent post on Twitter by Towers Times it looks like there has been a recent noise assessment added to the planning application for a very similar “Topspin style attraction” giving us even more reason to believe that Project Ocean is indeed a Top Spin style attraction.

A noise assessment added to the Project Ocean planning application incorporates measurements from ‘a very similar “Topspin” style attraction’, suggesting that a ride similar to Ripsaw is set to return to Alton Towers.A construction period of approx 15 weeks is also referenced. pic.twitter.com/dFf8R6hSIv
— TowersTimes (@TowersTimes) April 29, 2024

We still await confirmation from Alton Towers on this as well as a time frame for the project. There is also news that a construction period of approximately 15 weeks is expected.
April 23 -It was back in February that we first heard the news that Alton Towers would be installing a new flat ride in Forbidden Valley. Currently known as Project Ocean, there has now been news that fences have been erected around the area and construction has begun.
In a new video posted to YouTube by Digital Dan at time stamp 5:18 we get to see photos of the area where construction has begun and hear that guests eager to get a glimpse of the work being done can do next to The Blade or by the Bunker 94 shop. 

Initially there was a lot of speculation that we could see the return of the popular Ripsaw style ride and indeed speculation continues as to exactly what type of flat ride is being installed. Still, the Top Spin appears to be the most likely with the confirmed dimensions from the plans although Digital Dan points out that the themed blocks either side would need to act as the supports for the ride in order for it to fit.
It appears more likely that we could see a suspended Top Spin model like Talocan at Phantasialand or Vortex at SEAWORLD Australia rather than the more generic Ripsaw model with a floor and both rows facing the same way.

However, we still await confirmation on the actual flat ride itself as well as a timeline. With work already underway on this new flat ride it leaves us asking the question, could we see an opening later this year? We think it is more likely that Alton Towers is getting a head start and this new flat ride will open at the beginning of the 2025 season.
February 11, 2024 – The last couple of days have seen excitement for Alton Towers fans as plans have been submitted for a new permanent flat ride at Alton Towers, named “Project Ocean”.
In a new video posted to YouTube by Theme Park Worldwide we get to see further details regarding these newly submitted plans.

The location of this new permanent flat ride has been confirmed to be on the former site of Ripsaw in Forbidden Valley. For the last three seasons this area has been the home of Funk ‘n’ Fly which was part of the Retro Squad, brought in after the theme park closures due to COVID-19.
Images from the plans show a very interesting element in that the ride will be positioned on top of a 4.8m high building giving a total height of 18m. The dimensions are confirmed as 11.5 m in length and 14.5m in width and there will be two large theming structures on either side which Should create a real focal point in Forbidden Valley.
The pathway and infrastructure is set to change and there will then be an underpass running down to Galactica and the Rollercoaster restaurant.

From the plans there looks to be a cattle pen queue line with steps going up to the loading bay as well as a lift.
There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the type of ride we could see. Could we see a Zamperla Nebula, S&S Screaming Swing, a Pendulum swing or Gyro swing or another Top Swing like Ripsaw?
With the project being given the name “Project Ocean” there is some speculation that we could see this new permanent flat ride incorporating water in some way as was the case with Ripsaw.
Regarding a likely opening date, currently an  opening at the beginning of the 2025 season seems most likely. We await further details on this permanent flat ride as well as information on when this will open at Alton Towers which should come in April.
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