Ever since it was introduced that Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Position will be reimagined there have been rumors floated as to what we are probable likely to see pertaining to this in depth challenge. What we do know is that the hydraulic start will be replaced by a LSM launch and that Top rated Thrill Dragster will be closed for the whole of the 2023 and is slated to reopen in 2024.

According to the online video embedded underneath which was posted on YouTube by ElToroRyan in February we got to listen to a rumor of a potential layout extension. Now, just to be apparent, at this stage this is speculation only and nothing has been formally confirmed by Cedar Point on this.

In the movie we acquired to see a construction update exhibiting that all of the concrete platforms of the load and unload stations have been taken out as properly as the management booth. The roof framework on the station was nonetheless in location and the significant gap in the ground in which the rides unique storage tracks were being beforehand located was described as very likely to be employed as part of the new drainage technique to direct rainwater into the lagoon and away from the midway to reduce the hazard of flooding.

Now additional importantly, the video speculated primarily based on reliable sources that we could see a feasible layout extension which would extend even further to the front of the park where by the present image booth stands and is stated to require some sort of enormous vertical spike which could be as tall or taller than the current prime hat! This new vertical launch would be accompanied by a swing start rather than a one launch which consists of the coaster going forwards and backwards by way of the same segment of launch keep track of in purchase to construct up velocity to sooner or later make it more than the best.
Graphic: Cedar FairAccording to an update at the starting of March by Screamscape, for the duration of a Winter party at Cedar Place it was seen that sections of the Iron Dragon’s track located just guiding the Dragster station has been taken off. Tony Clarke from Cedar Position explained that this keep track of elimination will not have nearly anything to do with Top Thrill Dragster but it has been assumed that if in truth Prime Thrill Dragster was to obtain a rumored format extension then Iron Dragon’s monitor may perhaps have to be briefly eliminated in order to install some new observe so this has obtained Cedar Place fans somewhat energized.

Now, this 7 days many thanks to an aerial photograph posted on Twitter by ElToroRyan we can clearly see a significant triangular location which appears to be to be the beginnings of a concrete base which would be utilized to aid this rumored rear-spike. This triangular shape also aligns with the station and previous Dragster start monitor giving us more hope that this rear-spike is to come to be a actuality.

Some good sheet pile motion! Appears to be to be the get started of get the job done to develop a big concrete footing! pic.twitter.com/J341Bc8hq3
— ElToroRyan (@ElToroRyan) March 27, 2023
Theme Park Predictions has also posted a video update on YouTube estimating the likely top of this rear-spike dependent on predicted measurements of this speculated concrete footer.

This triangular footer is estimated to be 90ft extensive with the sides getting 42ft in length. The rear spike is predicted to be 400ft+ and is speculated that Cedar Place will be on the lookout to acquire the history from Kingda Ka at Six Flags Fantastic Journey which sits at 456ft. The triangular footer appears to be the most popular form for footers employed by Intamin these as in the circumstance of Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg which could be a different clue as to Intamin’s involvement in this reimagining.

There is still uncertainty all-around whether it will be a vertical or twisted spike. The photo booth which was originally speculated to be eradicated could be transformed to the entrance of the attraction and the queue line could probably be located less than the Iron Dragon reducing it from the central part Major Thrill Dragster.

Rumors of opportunity layout extensions to Top rated Thrill Dragster as very well as the site of the entrance, exit and queue line are at this phase even now just speculation with almost nothing owning been verified by Cedar Position regarding this.

We will update you with further facts as and when they are introduced. What we do know for sure is that the reimagined Top Thrill Dragster reopening at Cedar Position in 2024 unquestionably appears to be to be a thrilling a single for all roller coaster enthusiasts.

Do you assume Major Thrill Dragster must have a vertical or twisted rear-spike? Do you assume it really should have a swing start? We will keep you up to date on further specifics pertaining to the reimagining of Prime Thrill Dragster. Permit us know your feelings by leaving us a comment down below or on our Facebook webpage.

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