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Okay, let’s not waste time in undercutting that headline by stating the obvious fact that every year is a good year to visit Cedar Point.

America’s Roller Coast offers perhaps the best setting for what might be the best collection of roller coasters in the world. And I write this as a Los Angeles native and resident, so… yeah. Sorry, Six Flags Magic Mountain, you’re great, and I love you. But you’re not Cedar Point.Hold that thought, though, because we will get back to Six Flags in a minute.Anyway, about that setting. Cedar Point earns its name as a peninsula extending into Lake Erie from the town of Sandusky, Ohio, about an hour west of Cleveland. That means gorgeous lake views from many of the coasters and tower rides around the park, including its top three. Those are our first three reasons to visit the park this season: Steel Vengeance, Maverick, and Millennium Force, which together hold half of the positions among our readers’ top six roller coasters in the world.This summer, that amazing trio will be joined by Cedar Point’s “newest” roller coaster, Top Thrill 2. The successor to the former Top Thrill Dragster will retain that coaster’s iconic Top Hat tower, adding a second tower that will transform the old Intamin Accelerator hydraulic launch coaster into a Zamperla triple-LSM launch Lightning coaster.And if you missed it last year, Cedar Point has a new Boardwalk section, which is home to the park’s new Wild Mouse, which debuted last summer.The Boardwalk celebrates beachside amusements, but if you head across the park, Cedar Point will transport you into the past with its Frontier Trail. Celebrating Ohio history, this is the section of the park that connects Millennium Force with Maverick, but it’s worth exploring on its own.And that brings us our final reason to visit Cedar Point this year. Depending upon when the deal closes, this will be your final opportunity to visit Cedar Point before it officially becomes a Six Flags park.Yes, parent company Cedar Fair’s CEO will remain in charge of the merged company. But that company will adopt the Six Flags name. I cannot imagine that the company will prepend “Six Flags” in front of Cedar Point’s name, but in 2025 – assuming the deal goes through – visitors probably should expect to see “A Six Flags park” printed under the Cedar Point name throughout the property and on its advertising. So if you want one last visit for nostalgia’s sake before that happens, you’d better hurry up and plan to go.And then you can come back again next year to enjoy the park under its new/old ownership, too.* * *
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