February 27, 2024, 5:42 PM ·

Walt Disney World has opened 2025 bookings for its on-site resort hotels and theme parks. As you might have guessed, based on Disney’s history, baseline prices have gone up.

The lowest-priced one-day ticket to Disney’s Florida theme parks is up $10 in 2025, to $119 from this year’s $109. That one-day ticket long has been considered the benchmark for Walt Disney World pricing, despite the fact that almost no one buys it anymore. Walt Disney World’s ticket prices vary by park and date, and – for what it’s worth – the most expensive one-day, one-park ticket remains unchanged in 2025, at $189.Disney last raised its lowest-priced theme park ticket in late 2022.Most Disney visitors do not buy one-day tickets but rather multi-day tickets, which often are bundled in Disney vacation packages. With those prices – for both multi-day tickets and hotel stays – varying by date of arrival, visitors with flexibility when they travel can adjust their arrival to fit their budget. And for those who do not have that scheduling flexibility, Disney sometimes offers limited-time discount offers, and off-site accommodations can help reduce the overall cost of a Disney visit.

And, of course, Disney’s are not the only theme parks out there. A Disney World price increase can encourage fans to price Florida alternatives such as Universal Orlando, other markets such as Disneyland in California or Paris, or other destinations entirely, such as Busch Gardens or Dollywood.To see the latest ticket deals, as well as our reader rankings and advice on visiting top theme parks around the world, please visit our our Theme Park visitors guides.

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