With Universal building their 3rd theme park, EPIC Universe that will open in 2025, EVENTUALLY at some point in the future, Disney will consider building a FIFTH PARK at Walt Disney World. So in this SPECIAL episode of DSNY Newscast, join Jack as he explains the 3 possible locations where Disney could build a 5th park Walt Disney World and which is the most likely location.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:36 – Why Would Disney Want To Build A FIFTH PARK?
3:48 – “Disney Vs. DeSantis” Legal Battle
4:45 – The Increased Competition from EPIC UNIVERSE
5:55 – FIFTH PARK – Feasibility Study
8:51 – OPTION 1 – Western Way Location
11:28 – OPTION 2 – World Drive North Location
14:15 – OPTION 3 – Wide World of Sports Location
17:28 – Waltineer Question & Outro

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