Earlier this year, Universal announced that it would be constructing a new year-round Halloween Horror Nights in Las Vegas. And now, that attraction has a name: Universal Horror Unleashed. This upcoming attraction will be constructed on a 110,000-square-foot pad as part of a larger expansion of Las Vegas’s immersive Area 15 entertainment attraction, which opened in 2020.
So what exactly can guests expect from this new location? Details continue to be scarce, but here’s everything we know so far. 
1. Several haunted experiences will be available, and they won’t always be the same

Image: UniversalOne of the best parts of Halloween Horror Nights in both Orlando and in Hollywood is the constantly changing lineup of houses, which feature a mix of IP-based and original theming. And it looks like Universal Horror Unleashed will be replicating that, as this year-round attraction will feature multiple unique and immersive, horror-centric experiences that will change periodically so guests who visit multiple times will always have something new to look forward to.
In addition to the haunted house experiences, Universal has also said that guests can expect seasonal entertainment here as well that will include live performances. 
2. Dining and drinking will be available

Image: UniversalIn recent years, Halloween Horror Nights has placed a big focus on food and beverages, with over a dozen specialty food and drink booths popping up around the event with horror-themed treats and sips for guests to enjoy. This experience seems like it will be replicated in some part at Universal Horror Unleashed, as it has been confirmed that in addition to haunted houses, this new attraction inside Area 15 will also feature dining areas, that will serve up regular food and beverages during the day, and then transform into haunted bars and eateries by night.
And of course, it wouldn’t be a Universal attraction without a gift shop at the end, and Universal has confirmed that there will be a retail location in this space featuring one-of-a-kind Universal Horror Unleashed merchandise that guests can purchase as well. 
3. No estimated opening target has been announced yet

Image: UniversalThough we have a DreamWorks Land to look forward to next year at Universal Studios Florida, Epic Universe opening the year after that, and then a new theme park concept aimed at younger kids and families in Texas set to open in 2026, Universal has unfortunately provided no timeline for when Universal Horror Unleashed might open. While we hope that this attraction will be open sometime in the next three years, right now there is no window or timeline, which means we’ll just have to be patient a little longer to learn more about this project. 
The popularity of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal parks around the world has shown that there is quite an appetite for horror-related content, and it will be interesting to see how popular this attraction is throughout the year as it serves up scares 365 days out of the year in the heart of Las Vegas.
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