September 25, 2023, 3:02 PM ·

Utah’s Lagoon has opened a new interactive roller coaster, Primordial.

The 1,985-foot coaster tops out at 85 feet high and a max speed of 40 mph. But this experience isn’t just about the thrill-ride specs. The ART Engineering dark ride coaster features interactive elements from Triotech, similar to its older, slightly smaller sibling, Wonder Mountain’s Guardian at Canada’s Wonderland.Primordial includes eight media-based scenes and a story with alternate endings. “Set in the mysterious and legendary world of the Dolomite Mountains, visitors embark in this thrilling adventure to free the Dragon Dragnor and the mystical Owl Astradir and restore harmony in the Kingdom of the regal lynx Queen Azdra,” Triotech said of the ride in its press release.
Photo courtesy Lagoon“Primordial is pushing the boundaries of the dark coaster concept,” Triotech President and CEO Ernest Yale said. “We’ve included interactivity, pushed the immersion to an astonishing level and most importantly, we’ve included alternate paths as well as multiple different story twists. These different endings will keep guests guessing, and of course, keep them coming back to the ride to experience all its variants.”
Loading station. Photo courtesy TriotechThe minimum height to ride Primordial is 36 inches, with riders under 48 inches required to ride with a supervising companion. This is the 11th coaster at the Utah amusement park, which is located in Farmington, just north of Salt Lake City. Its most notable coaster has been Cannibal, which opened in 2015. [See Going Beyond Vertical: Let’s Take a Ride on Utah’s ‘Cannibal’ for Bobbie Butterfield’s review.]To keep up to date with more theme park news, please sign up for Theme Park Insider’s weekly newsletter. And to help support Theme Park Insider while saving money on discounted theme park tickets, please follow the ticket icon links our Theme Park visitors guides.

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