Anyone who knows anything about theme parks will know that Epic Universe is coming to Universal Orlando Resort in 2025. Construction is progressing rapidly on all lands and areas as well as hotels and road infrastructure for what will be Universal Orlando Resort’s third gate.
We are closely following the construction progress with recent news articles discussing, Progress Continues On How To Train Your Dragon Land At Epic Universe, Here Is How It Currently Looks! and New Details Revealed About The Rumored Dark Universe Land At Epic Universe. 
Image: UniversalWe have also heard exciting new details directly from Universal Destinations & Experiences CEO Mark Woodbury, saying how Epic Universe will set a new standard for technology in theme parks, will offer a cutting-edge new transportation system and is specifically going after a large part of Walt Disney World’s key demographic.
What is interesting to see is that according to Screamscape, a whole host of new trademark names have been filed with some also now confirmed which gives us further insight into what awaits us in Epic Universe.
How To Train Your Dragon

Image: DreamWorksWe assume “How To Treat Your Dragon” will be the name for some sort of snack stand or eatery.  “Hooligan’s Grog & Gruel” looks likely to be for a bar or restaurant and “Toothless Treasures” for a retail outlet.
Universal Monsters Land
Image: UniversalHere we see the confirmation of the “Darkmoor” trademark which is assumed to be the name of the entire village within the Universal Monsters land. The name for the main E-ticket attraction, “Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment” which has been rumored since 2022 has now been confirmed as a trademark filing. 
“Monstertreffen” appears to be a new name filing and could be for a show of some sort. “Pretorious’ Scientific Oddities” is seen again and this we expect to be for a gift shop potentially for the main E-ticket attraction, “Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment”. “De Lacey’s” is expected to be a restaurant, Frankenstein’s Monster observes the De Lacey family when discovering what it is like to be a human.
Central Hub
Image: Universal“Celestial Gardens” appears again and is expected to be the name for this central hub. New trademark names have also been filed including; “Northstar Wintry Wonders” and “Lens Flare” which sound like the names of potential retail outlets. “Meteor Astropub” is likely to be the name of a bar or restaurant.
We expect to hear that Universal has filed a lot more trademark names in the coming months. Epic Universe is set to be a monumental addition to Orlando and we will keep you updated on any new trademark names as well as construction progress.

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