UPDATE June 12 – Whilst we still await another official announcement on Top Thrill 2 from Cedar Point there continues to be a lot of speculation online surrounding the work being done on this new roller coaster.In a recent video posted to YouTube by Ghoster Coasters we see an update from June 8 which shows us that testing is currently being done.We also hear that the seats were removed from rows 7 and 9 last week of the silver train and work was also being done on the seats in rows 8 and 10. At the Coastermania event held at Cedar Point on June 7, new stators were seen laying out in the infield which match the ones on Top Thrill 2.Trucks have been on site from American Testing Services so it appears as if progress continues to be made on the process of repairing and reopening Top Thrill 2.As a reminder, Cedar Point recently said that this was “not a whole summer thing” which means that they must be very confident of a reopening in the coming weeks ready for the peak summer season. We will keep you up to date with the developments on Top Thrill 2 and hope to be able to relay news of the reopening date soon. June 5 – We have been closely following the updates on Top Thrill 2 at Cedar Point since it closed on May 12, having officially opened at the park on May 4.Yesterday (June 4), Cedar Point updated their official website with further news regarding Top Thrill 2’s closure saying, “Top Thrill 2 remains closed as Zamperla (the ride’s manufacturer) continues working on a mechanical modification to the coaster vehicles. While we do not yet have a reopening date, we hope to provide more information soon. We sincerely appreciate your continued patience and look forward to the reopening of Top Thrill 2 as soon as possible.”As expected, there is still no news of an actual confirmed reopening date as work is continuing on the ride vehicles to rectify the issue which caused the new roller coaster to close very soon after it officially opened.May 31 – We were expecting an announcement imminently and yesterday, Cedar Point made its first official comment since Top Thrill 2 closed on May 12. It was also stated that they are close to an official progress update.Cedar Point’s Director of Communications, Tony Clark spoke yesterday on Sandusky radio Mix 102.7 to officially update us on news of the Top Thrill 2 reopening timeline. The key part of the interview came when Clark said “This isn’t a summer-long thing.” “This is a temporary thing” which is definitely reassuring and should put fans minds at rest who had seen any speculation of Top Thrill 2 not reopening until next season.In a new video posted to YouTube (embedded above) by KI Coaster Guy we also hear at timestamp 1:25 that there is now a small crane onsite at Top Thrill 2 and one guest reported seeing the wheels being reinstalled which certainly seems to be a positive step in the right direction. In another interesting new video posted to YouTube by Ryan The Ride Mechanic, he takes a closer look at the images of the wheels and it appears that there are new wheel carriers. He goes on to say that where the road wheel support spars join the carrier there is a big open pocket where webbing has been installed. The spine is still there and the wheels look the same but it appears that they have added some reinforcements going from the top of the road wheel spar down to the guide wheel assembly and he is wondering if it’s also underneath down to the up stop.Although it is great to see work being done onsite, there will still be a period of testing and then a reinspection by the Ohio Department of Agriculture before Top Thrill 2 will be able to reopen. We will continue to update you with further information as soon as it is announced.May 30 – As Top Thrill 2 continues to sit without operating at Cedar Point with no official update having come since May 12, we have been trying to locate further information as to the issue it is currently having and how long it is likely to be closed for.In a recent video posted to YouTube by KI Coaster Guy we see images of the trains on the track without any wheels. The wheels have been removed and are laying next to the trains.The initial speculation that the issue was something to do with the the wheel bogies looks like it may have been accurate although this has not been officially confirmed.It appears that the Ohio Department of Agriculture who carry out the roller coaster inspections were at the beginning of the week still waiting for Cedar Point to inform them of when Top Thrill 2 is ready for reinspection which implies the necessary work has not been carried out as of yet.There appears to be speculation from Ryan the Ride Mechanic that the problem could be to do with the delaminating of the wheels due to the force of the ride which is causing the premature wear on the wheels coating.If this is indeed the issue and the wheels have to be re-laminated then this process is estimated that it could take between 60 to 90 days.Another view from Justin Jazwa which is explained in the video is that he heard from an unnamed park source that an “unspecified modification was being made to the wheel bogies but that the wheel compound will remain the same at least for now”.Current speculation regarding a potential reopening date looks to be not before the weekend of June 21st but realistically looks like end of June to early July. Again, just to clarify, this is speculation and has not been confirmed by the park.We will continue to update you on developments with Top Thrill 2 at Cedar Point.May 20 – Cedar Point fans are still eagerly await news on the reopening of Top Thrill 2 since it unexpectedly closure on May 12. Speculation has been rife online as to how long the closure will be.The actual issue causing the closure appears to be with a part on the ride vehicles which was thought to require mechanical modifications. According to a recent video posted to YouTube by ElToroRyan, the particular part in question was showing signs of premature wear. The investigation at the moment is expected to try and establish the reason for this premature wear.Just to clarify, there has not been any official update on this from Cedar Point but the video explains that it may be the case that Top Thrill 2 could reopen with the same part but this part would need to be replaced more frequently than was originally expected.Although there is now speculation that we could see Top Thrill 2 reopening sooner than was once expected, we still await official news from Cedar Point on this issue and when Top Thrill 2 will reopen to guests. We are expecting an update very soon so to keep up with all the latest official updates visit the Cedar Point website.May 14 – All eyes have been on Top Thrill 2 at Cedar Point in the last few days and not to celebrate its successful opening and countless positive reviews but due to its recent unexpected closure.Now, according to Screamscape, the current extended closure which was thought to be up to two weeks due to an issue with the trains is rumored that it could be a lot longer than was originally expected. Screamscape is now reporting that due to further information they are hearing, the issue is likely with all three trains and could mean that Top Thrill 2 is closed for at least two months.Just to clarify, Cedar Point has not updated their official Top Thrill 2 updates page as of yet with any further information so this is just rumor currently. Zamperla is working very hard to get this issue resolved as soon as possible and we will keep you informed of further updates as soon as they are announced.May 13 – Whilst Cedar Point had been experiencing a fantastic opening of Top Thrill 2 since May 4, with rave reviews being posted online, yesterday they posted on their official X page that the roller coaster is “experiencing an extended closure as Zamperla (the ride’s manufacturer) completes a mechanical modification to the ride’s vehicles.”. pic.twitter.com/bbkCo3WChU— Cedar Point (@cedarpoint) May 12, 2024According to Screamscape, it appears likely that we could see Top Thrill 2 closed for up to two weeks but nothing has so far been confirmed by Cedar Point. Based from online reports it appears the issue is something to do with the trains wheels with Top Thrill 2 seemingly having had problems at times making it over the top-hat with a couple of full speed roll-backs having been reported.To keep up to date with the latest developments with Top Thrill 2 and when the new roller coaster will reopen visit the official Cedar Point website.May 4 – The day has finally arrived, Top Thrill 2 officially opens today (May 4) at Cedar Point. First impressions from those lucky to have ridden Top Thrill 2 in the recent Media Day and Passholder Preview events have been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to bringing you news from the opening day of the 2024 season at Cedar Point.In the final Top Thrill 2 Pit Stop video which was posted to YouTube at the end of April we got to see that the finishing touches had been added and all appeared to be set for the official opening day today (May 4).In the video we see the sign which has been installed and the starting tree letting riders know exactly when the launch will take place. Written on it are the words “Keep Arms Down, Head Back and HOLD ON!” The five lights are not only on the starting tree but also on the top hat. Top Thrill 2 has now been inspected by the State of Ohio Department of Agriculture and has officially been authorized for guests to ride.At night, the lighting is set to look very impressive on the rear spike and the entrance portal. The Top Thrill 2 graphics package has now been installed on the outside of the exit tunnel and inside the station where the load/unload platform meets the launch track. The Top Thrill 2 shop is now completed and full of merchandise ready for the official opening on May 4.Cedar Point held the Top Thrill 2 media day on Thursday April 25 and reports online appear to be very positive so far which is encouraging to see. Passholder previews are taking place on April 28 and 30 and we are now only a week away from the official opening of Top Thrill 2.In the video embedded below, we get to see Marcus Leshock from WGN News take a ride on Top Thrill 2 and it certainly seems to be a very impressive and fun roller coaster to ride.As we have already mentioned, it appears to be the second 101mph backwards launch and the final 120mph launch which takes you up and over the crest of the top hat that are the highlights of the new Top Thrill 2.Even, Cedar Point’s Director of Communications, Tony Clark when speaking to WMFD.com said this about his favorite part of the ride.”My favorite part of this coaster is definitely the reverse launch, … That’s something I’ve never experienced before at that high of a speed. 101 miles per hour is pretty fast to be going backward, it’s the fastest reverse launch in the world, and it’s here at Cedar Point, but it goes right into that spike tower.” In a recent video posted to YouTube by G-Force Productions we got to see further footage of Top Thrill 2 at Cedar Point. Some roller coaster fans appear to be speculating online that the first launch is going to be disappointing but I think it is important to note that in order for the train to not travel too high up the top hat it has to be that way. It will be the second launch which is the 101mph backward launch and then the third and fastest 120mph launch up and over the crest of the top hat that will be the most impressive.  

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