June 12, 2024, 10:28 AM ·

Gardaland has opened its new drop tower ride. Wolf Legend is a 82-foot Drop & Twist Tower, themed to a curse that turned a giant wolf to stone.

Riders are invited to help break the curse through a daring ritual – throwing yourself into the stone creature’s frozen jaws. Now, it seems to me that unleashing a reanimated, 52-foot wolf into a theme park filled with potentially yummy people might not be the best idea. But with the ride offering sound and fog effects as well as multiple drops and views of the surrounding Shaman roller coaster, hey, why not go for it? I mean, it’s probably gonna take a lot of attempts to break the curse anyway, right?Gardaland has filled Wolf Legend’s queue with decorations inspired by indigenous American artifacts as well as the old-school interactivity of glyphs that guests can decypher using a provided key. “With this attraction, we want to involve a very wide audience, from families with children to groups of friends. The goal is to win everyone over with unique experiences,” Gardaland CEO Sabrina de Carvalho said. Wolf Legend is part of €14 million in capital investment in the Merlin-owned theme park resort this season.* * *
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